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Last update on January 15, 2020
Written by Vgrrrl

V-Grrrl takes her camera for a walk in the wild wandeling and finds it quite wonderful.

When we arrived in Belgium two years ago, we were enchanted by the forests. Our new home on the outer edge of Brussels gave us easy access to the Foret de Soigne. While I don’t consider myself outdoorsy, I love to get outside and my family is always happy to join.

No matter when or where we wander, we encounter people of all ages doing the same. Older couples walking arm and arm, folks walking one or more dogs, children on bicycles, parents pushing strollers, and joggers in sleek running gear padding by. Belgians appear to love the outdoors, appreciate the value of good stroll, and take full advantage of their local parks.

Wandering around Belgium’s forests

Like the natives, we savor the cool, green and shady places in summer, the mystery of the woods in light fog and rain, and a brisk walk across the spare winter landscape. However, there’s nothing quite so magical as the forest in spring and fall.

While I can’t say I’ve been wowed by the colors of the fall foliage here, I have been impressed with the colorful variety of mushrooms that crop up when the days get shorter.

In late March, the wandeling near our home blooms with white and pale pink flowers.

Nothing, however, compares to the wonder of the Bois de Halle in April. The bluebells carpeting the ground and scenting the air create the ultimate enchanted forest.