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Last update on November 19, 2019

If you’re living in Belgium and crave a taste of home, here is our list of places where you can stock up on foreign foods and ingredients.

Sometimes an expat yearns for certain favourite foods from home that simply cannot be replaced. As Belgium is a multicultural melting pot, it’s not difficult to find food from home in Belgium, no matter which international food you’re craving.

A small selection of American, British, Spanish, Italian, kosher foods and other international foods can be found in the larger Delhaize, Carrefour or Lidl supermarkets. It is also worth checking Chinese supermarkets for specific British or American brands. Otherwise, specialty supermarkets and stores listed here can help satisfy your cravings.

Food from home in Brussels

Food from home in Antwerp

International food in Brussels

British food in Brussels


Steenhofstraat 28, Everberg | Closed Monday
British tearoom located next door in Everberg | Closed Monday and Tuesday
Waterloosesteenweg 41, 1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode (Chaussée de Waterloo 41, Rhode Saint Genése)
T: 02 759 4979 | www.stonemanor.uk.com

Stonemanor’s original location is a huge store on the outskirts of Brussels, spread over three floors in an old dairy farm. On offer is an extraordinary range of British and American products, including food, stationery, toys, games and even beds, plus Waitrose products and an Argos delivery service. This place also offers a postal service to the UK, particularly useful at Christmas, with all those inconvenient-to-the-post-office non-normalisé cards.

Chinese food in Brussels

Kam Yuen

Rue de la Vierge Noire 2–4, 1000 Brussels
T: 02 511 4868 | www.kamyuen.be

This is a massive supermarket where you will find everything you need, not just from China, but Japan and India. You can also find kitchen hardware and Chinese bowls and chopsticks.

French food in Brussels

Oliviers & Co

rue au Beurre 28, Brussels
Antwerp | Brussels | Liege | Namur (find addresses and contact details here)
T: 0800 03 28 96 | www.oliviers-co.com

Walk into Provence in this olive oil specialists, with the bottles ranged along the wall like fine wines, alongside oil pourers, bags of herbs, earthenware cook pots and flavoured vinegars. It is an international chain that specialises in online orders as well.


Closed Sunday
Boulevard de la Woluwe 28, 1150 Woluwé-Saint-Pierre
T: 02 771 2060 | www.rob-brussels.be

This gourmet market offers a taste of everything: meats, seafood, cheeses, pastries, wines, fruit and vegetables and more. You can also find cooking classes, a restaurant and home delivery services.

Greek food in Brussels


Closed Sunday
Boulevard d’Ypres 39, 1000 Bruxelles
T: 02 218 7822 | www.angelopoulos.be

Find stuffed vine leaves, tzatziki, Greek yoghurt, feta cheese and other Greek delights, plus a range of beers, wines and other drinks.

Irish food in Brussels

Jack O’Shea

Closed Sunday and Monday
Rue le Titien 30, 1000 Brussels | T: 02 732 5351

Closed Monday
Rue Sainte-Catherine 24, 1000 Brussels | T: 02 513 8727

Closed Monday and Tuesday
Chaussée de Waterloo, 1483 1180 Uccle |  T: 02 375 1908

This Irish butcher has been smiling since he started selling first-grade meat from the finest Irish farms. You’ll pay for it, but the difference is noticeable, especially on the beef, complete with yellow, marbled fat. If you don’t want to cook the meat yourself, they have a restaurant on Rue Sainte Catherine 32 in Brussels.

>Italian food in Brussels

Casa Italiana

Closed Sunday
Rue Archimède 37–39, 1000 Brussels
T: 02 733 4070 | casaitaliana.webnode.com

Walk into a little bit of Italy and savour the sights and smells of first-pressing olive oil, salamis, buffalo mozarella and an amazing spread of pasta, dried mushrooms and ready-made sauces, alongside a restaurant.


Closed Sunday
Rue Franklin 66–68, 1000 Brussels
T: 02 736 9391 | www.piolalibri.be

Find a selection of artisanal products to takeaway or eat in, plus an extensive wine list. They also serve Italian desserts and gelato at their bar.

Japanese food in Brussels


Chaussée de Vleurgat 119, 1000 Brussels
Rue de l’Eglise 96A, 1150 Woluwé-Saint-Pierre
T: 02 648 5911 | www.tagawa.eu

At Tagawa you can find fresh fish, wasabi, frozen food and ready-made dishes. Online shopping and home delivery is offered.

Latin food in Brussels

Raices Latinas

Closed Sunday
Avenue Chazal 45, 1030 Schaerbeek
T: 02 736 3235 | www.productosraiceslatinas.com

Find a selection of dry and frozen goods, sauces, spices and drinks from around Latin America, with home delivery an option.


Closed Sunday
Rue Francois Dons 47, Ixelles
T: 02 64792 00 | www.mexigo.be

Stock up on beans, chillis, salsas and tortillas at this authentic Mexican market and restaurant.

Mediterranean food in Brussels

Midi Market

Around Gare du Midi
Sunday 6am–2pm

Scandinavian/Nordic food in Brussels


Anderlecht | Arlon | Gent | Hasselt | Hognoul | Mons | Wilrijk | Zaventem (See addresses and contact details here)

Inside Ikea is a small shop that sells salmon, sandwiches, hot dogs and the like.

Gourmet Food & Gifts

Rue Archimède 59, Brussels | 02 735 1138
Allé Petit Paris 5, Waterloo | 02 353 0430 | Facebook

You’ll find a mix of Scandinavian foods alongside Irish and British food products.


Closed Sunday and Monday
Chaussée de Wavre 354, 1040 Etterbeek
T: 02 231 0902 | scanshop.lu

This carries a range of Scandinavian and Nordic foods, plus magazines and fresh pastries. Find jars of baby food, tubes of caviar (a sort of breakfast fish-paste for those who wonder) or freezer-loads of crayfish for those midsummer parties.

Spanish food in Brussels

ABC Mateos

Closed Sunday
Rue Sainte Catherine 46, 1000 Brussels
Tel: 02 512 7547 | www.poissonnerie-abc-mateos.com

At first glance you might think this is just another fresh fish shop among so many others in the quartier. But this is run by a Spanish family who take their fishmongery seriously. You can go in here, say you want to make Paella for two and the ingredients are put together for you, including a wrap of saffron – paella pans are also sold. Also on offer is a good range of Spanish wine and oil.

Economato Espanol

Closed Monday
Europe Esplanade 9/Pl. de la Constitution 23, 1060 Bruxelles
T: 02 521 4736 |

A typical Spanish grocery shop in the heart of the Spanish community in the area, particularly during the Sunday morning market, when many Spanish stalls set up in that particular corner. This is the place to come for Spanish and Brazilian cooking acessories and ingredients, plus beauty goods and other souvenir-type products. You can also find modest little dishes à deux or great flat trays to feed a family.

España Calidade

Closed Monday
Avenue de la Porte de Hal 63, 1060 Brussels
T: 02 537 2387 | www.espanacalidade.be

Rarely will you hear anything but Spanish spoken in this no-frills grocery store about a five-minute walk from the Gare du Midi. This is the place to buy in bulk, whether it’s a case of Rioja wines, five-litre bottles of olive oil or huge bags of garbanzo beans and a mind-boggling selection of olives.

International food in Antwerp

American food in Antwerp


Closed Monday to Wednesday
Prins Boudewijnlaan 175, 2610 Wilrijk
T: 03 449 4118 |

British food in Antwerp

The British Shop

Closed Monday to Wednesday
Grote Pieterpotstraat 38, 2000 Antwerp
T: 03 345 7798 | www.britishshop.be

Chinese food in Antwerp

Sun Wah Supermarket

Closed Thursday
Van Wesenbekestraat 16-–18, 2060 Antwerp
T: 03 233 1988 | Delivery service: 0483 606 989 | www.sun-wah.be

Jewish food in Antwerp


Closed Saturday
Lange Kievitstraat 52, 2018 Antwerp
T: 03 234 3535 | www.hoffys.be

Mediterranean food in Antwerp

Exotic International Market (Foreigner’s Market)

Open Saturday 8am–4pm
Oude Vaartplaats