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Last update on May 22, 2020
Written by Andrea from On Food and Wine

In a culinary paradise like Brussels, it can be hard to find the best, most authentic eats. Here’s some of the best restaurants in Brussels for old-school decor and hearty Belgian dishes. Which one is your favorite?

Ever since I moved to Belgium I made it a point to discover Belgian culture. One of the easiest way to embrace a new culture is of course through its food. Come to think of it, this is also one of the main reasons we started our blog – to discover the best food Brussels has to offer.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that our favourite restaurants in Brussels tend to be Belgian brasseries. It is also one of the question we get most frequently asked on our Facebook page – can you recommend a truly, authentic Belgian restaurant?

We thought it is high time we share our favourite five Belgian brasseries in Brussels.

Au Stekerlapatte

Brasseries restaurants Belgium: Au Stekerlapatte

If you are looking for truly old-school Belgian food with a modern twist, then look no further than Au Stekerlapatte. The restaurant is located in the heart of Les Marolles and the menu offers a mix of classic Belgian dishes with more unusual Marolles-inspired ones like bloempanch (sort of a black pudding pie?). Add to this a great Belgian beer list and reasonable prices and no wonder Au Stekerlapatte made it into our top five Brussels restaurants.

Les Brassins

Brasseries in Brussels center: Les Brassins Restaurant

I loved this restaurant ever since I discovered it on a back street while living in Ixelles. The owner is full of life, the menu is straight forward, the list of Belgian beers is endless. I have probably eaten my way through the whole menu – and I still go back every chance I get to try the typical Belgian food they serve. Also, this restaurant review was our mini claim to fame with The Guardian.

In’t Spinnekopke

This restaurant is everything a tourist in Brussels wants it to be – close to the Grand Place, serving typical Belgian dishes (ham from the Ardennes, hot shrimps croquettes, chicken vol au vent, and let’s not ignore the mussels), a bit old fashioned and stuck in time, and always full. Plus, their take on beer goes as far as offering several ice-creams made with beer so worth to leave some space for that.

Brasserie de la Gare

Brasserie de la Gare restaurant in Brussels

In order to discover more of Brussels, 4 of us have set us a ‘commune dinner’ group – whenever our schedules allow, and we go and try a new restaurant in a Brussels commune. One of these restaurants was Brasserie de la Gare. The decor is traditionally 20th century Brussels. The food is a bit more modern but not by much so you can expect classics such as croquettes, Americain (my favourite!) and of course the mousse au chocolat.

Le Chapeau Blanc

This was the first restaurant we tried on our commune dinner trail – and it set the bar really high. Anderlecht is not exactly on the foodie radar nor the touristic one (bar the football connection) but this restaurant is really worth a detour. The decor is inspiring, the waiters are typically brasserie style fun, and the food was de-li-cious! Also very cheap compared to more central Brussels prices, so we have been back with family and friends ever since.

Brasserie in Brussels: Le Chapeau Blanc Restaurant

Do you have a favourite Belgian brasserie in Brussels? We’d love to hear from you below!

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