Government & Law

Understanding the legal and government systems as an expat living in Belgium can be confusing. That's why we've put together some expert guides to help you understand government and law in Belgium, including information on everything from the political system to LGBT+ rights.

Belgium government

Government and politics in Belgium

Learn more about the government in Belgium and its political and judicial system including the main political parties and how to vote.

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Belgium holidays

Public holidays in Belgium: important dates in 2022 and 2023

Living in Belgium? Here’s a complete guide to Belgium’s biggest public holidays that you need to know about.

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Tax identification number Belgium

Tax identification numbers in Belgium

Do you need a tax identification number in Belgium? Find out what they’re used for and the two different types available.

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Emergency number Belgium

Emergency numbers and helplines in Belgium

Make note of these important emergency numbers before you land in an emergency in Belgium, plus a number of Belgian helplines for support and information.

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Social security Belgium

Social security in Belgium

Expats in Belgium must contribute to the Belgian social security system, which provides benefits for sickness, unemployment, and pregnancy.

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crime in Belgium

Crime and the legal system in Belgium

Belgium is a relatively safe country with fairly low rates of crime, and Brussels is considered safer than large cities in neighbouring countries.

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Belgium coronavirus

Coronavirus in Belgium: COVID-19 information and support

Keep up with the latest on COVID-19 in Belgium. Find out where to learn more about coronavirus restrictions, vaccinations, support, and more.

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Human rights Belgium

Human and civil rights in Belgium

Find out how Belgium deals with the human rights of its residents and what to do if you experience discrimination.

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Unbelievable laws Belgium

Unbelievable Belgian laws that still exist today

What crazy things can you get jailed for? Find out the unbelievable, strange and funny laws in Belgium – and which bizarre Belgian laws are merely myths you shouldn’t believe.

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