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Streaming Services

Watch your home country's TV abroad: a guide to international streaming ser...

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With content delivery services that offer access to your favourite TV programmes from your home country around the world, living abroad has never been easier.

Ferries across the Channel

Ferries across the Channel: getting around Europe by boat


Travel between mainland Europe and the UK has never been easier, and if you’re sick of air travel there remains the classic option: take a boat.

Cost of living in Russia

The cost of living in Russia


Will your budget allow for your chosen lifestyle in Russia? This guide will help you decide if you can afford the cost of living in cities such as Moscow. It includes the price of Russian real estate, grocery prices in Russia, and more.

Social security in Russia

Social security in Russia: The system, rates and benefits explained


Are you eligible for social security in Russia? Learn about the Russian social security system and contributions, plus how to get a Russian social security number and claim social welfare in Russia.

Driving in Russia

Things to know about driving in Russia and Russian drivers


Ready to drive in Russia? Find everything you need to know about roads, Russian drivers, the Russian traffic police, requirements, rules, interesting road trips and more in this guide.

Russian public holidays in 2018 and other major Russian holidays


Here is a list of main Russian holidays in 2018, including Russian public holidays, school holidays, and other widely celebrated holidays in Russia.

Top festivals in Moscow and around Russia


The best of Russia's festivals celebrate the rich Russian culture, religion and history, alongside a vibrant mix of music, film, theatre, food and snow festivals.

Facts about Russia

30 facts about Russia

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How well do you know the Russians? This mix of informative and interesting facts will prepare you for living in Russia, or test your Russian knowledge!

Top Russian foods

Top 10 Russian foods and recipes


Explore the mouth-watering cuisine Moscow has to offer with these top 10 traditional Russian foods, or make them yourself using the recipes included.

Moscow facts

Moscow facts at a glance


Here are some quick facts on the Russian capital, Moscow.

Russia facts

Russia country factbook


A factual guide to history, politics, numbers, figures and statistics about Russia.

Emergency numbers in Moscow

Emergency numbers in Moscow


Here's a list of emergency numbers to call in case of an emergency in Moscow.

Pets in Moscow

Keeping pets in Moscow


Expatica's information on pets includes important matters such as relocating pets abroad, pet culture and pet services abroad.

Russian culture

Culture and social etiquette in Moscow

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Do you know how to greet a Russian? How vodka should be served? Here's our brief introduction guide to Russian culture and social etiquette in Russia.

Russian culture

Tips for understanding Russian culture


Cross-cultural coach Margarita Gokun Silver explains and ins and outs of understanding Russian culture, socially, culturally and actively.

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