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Last update on April 22, 2020

Here’s a list of Russian emergency numbers to call in case of an emergency in Russia.

Medical emergency number

Call 03

Moscow Emergency Medical Care Station A.S.Puchov

Medical advisory station, phone: 628-0003
Administrator, phone: 632-9670

Accident registration office of the Moscow Central Internal Affairs Directorate

Phone: 688-2252

Moscow rescue service

Phone: 937-9911 (free), or 0911 from mobile phones (fee-paying)

Emergency ophthalmic assistance (Moscow Ophthalmology Clinic & Hospital)

Phone: 699-6128, 699-8400

Emergency dental care

9 Lesteva str. Metro Shabolovskaya, phone: 952-7564

Moscow AIDS centre

Hotline: 366-6238

The American Clinic

Address: ul. 2nd Yamskaya d.11/13
Tel: (495) 781 5576

American Medical Centers

Telephone consultations are available in Russian and English. It offers both visits with family doctors within its facility, and house calls resticted hours. Diagnostic testing is also available onsite.
Address: 26, build. 6, Prospekt Mira (entrance from Grokholsky Pereulok)
Tel: (495) 933 7700  

European Medical Centre

The medical staff is comprised of American, French, and Russian doctors, most of whom have studied medicine at Western universities. Interpreters are provided when consulting with doctors who do not speak English.
Address: Spiridonievsky per. 5 (near the Patriarshy Ponds in downtown Moscow)
Metro Pushkinskaya, Tverskaya, Mayakovskaya
Tel: (495) 933 6655 multi-channel, (495) 933 6645 emergency