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Last update on February 17, 2020

Where to buy the best ice-cream in the Netherlands according to Expatica readers.

Summer in the Netherlands is the perfect time to try the tasty Dutch ice-cream. Here’s a selection of the top ice-creameries in the Netherlands, as rated by expats living in the Netherlands.

Dutch ice-cream awards

There is definitely creamy and delicious Dutch ice-cream to be found. The Dutch Ice-cream Awards even honor those who make it. They take into account a range of factors, from service to ice-cream quality.

A good place to start your ice-cream tour in the Netherlands is the winners list of ‘Ice-cream parlors of the year’. You can see the winners of the last three years below.

  • 2016 nominees – De Zoete Inval in Bodegraven, De Hoop in Blaricum, Alfons IJscreaties in Rijsbergen, Luciano’s in Wassenaar and Paul Wilderink in Haaksbergen.
  • 2015 – Huupkens IJssalon in Weert is a family-run salon with an outdoor terrace and more than 75 years experience making ice-cream; both their vanilla and passionfruit ice-cream have received acclaim.
  • 2014 – IJssalon van der Poel in the Old Market in Enschede, a family family business since 1925, also took first place in 2010 and 2001.
  • 2013 – Florence IJssalon Nederweert won the title in 2013, giving the company a total of three awards as the best ice-creamery in the Netherlands during their 30 years.
  • 2012 – Luciano’s IJssalon won its second award in 2012, having taken its first title in 2006, and are known for both their ice-cream and pastries.

World’s best ice-cream maker award: Longarone de Coppa d’Oro

Running since 1970, the world-wide ‘Gold Cup’ competition is considered to be the Oscars of the international gelato scene. Each year ice-cream masters from around the world have the opportunity to highlight their skills.

In 2015 Roberto Coletti from Roberto Gelato won second place, with Venezia in Utrecht coming in fourth and Luciano’s Ijssalon ranked 10th (see the full list).

The last winner from the Netherlands was Angelo Talamini from IJssalon Talamini, Enschede, who won the award in 2009. Mazzoli, Langestraat 75, in Amersfoort (owned by Ermanno Mazzoli), also won the Longarone de Coppa d’Oro for its banana-flavoured ice-cream in 2007.

Some 80 professional ice-cream makers competed for this prestigious international award in the traditional ice-cream industry.

Readers’ recommendations: Best ice-cream in the Netherlands

Ice-cream in Amstelveen

If you’re lucky enough to live in Amstelveen, the Ijs van Columbus ice cream salon, situated just off van der Hooplaan near de Meerkamp swimming complex is wonderful. They are usually finalists in the sort of ‘Dutch ice-cream awards’ competitions. Nothing compares to the spaghetti ice-cream we had in Germany, but on a hot day choosing your flavours with your kids at a local ice cream salon is a pleasure. Favourite flavours in our house are pistachio, Smurf ijs (blue like the Smurfs), citroen and bosvruchten.

Ijs van Columbus makes birthday cakes that you can order online – send in an electronic file (as a .jpg) of the picture you want, say when you want to collect it and presto! They also make ice-cream cakes.

Just beware – the Dutch don’t eat ice-cream in winter so you might show up on a warm spring day, anticipating ice-cream only to find that it’s still three weeks until ice-cream will be sold. – Ashleigh in Holland

Goat-milk ice-cream, Amsterdamse Bos

The goat farm (geitenboerderij) in the Amsterdamse Bos does sell the most fabulous, creamy goats ice-cream ‘farmed’, needless to say, from their own goats. Actually, they’ve got a good thing going there, recycling at its best – they milk goats, they sell small bottles of said milk to small children, small children feed milk back to goats, goats produce more milk, they milk goats again. Still, I suppose they have to make a living somehow. – Andrea Lowne

Bakery goods and ice-cream in Amsterdam

There’s a bakery near my apartment that welcomes the spring by making ice cream along with pastries, flavours like ‘oma’s apple tart’ and ‘three berries’. It’s near the Spui, on the Singel. I’ve also had some at similar small places, one in Zuid, and there must be more. – Caren Harple

Italian ice-cream in Amsterdam

In six years of living in Amsterdam I always wondered at the lack of Dutch ice-cream. After all, the Italians, French and Germans all love ice-cream and each has developed a distinct ice-cream culture. That said, there is a terrific Italian Gelato place just off the Albert Cuypstraat. – Clay Doyle

Near Albert Cuypstraat, Amsterdam

Best ice-cream in Amsterdam right now is at the Ijscuypje which is just off the Albert Cuypstraat on the Eerste van der Helststraat 27. – Erin Burns

Home-made ice-cream in Amsterdam

With regards to the statement that there is no Dutch ice cream, you are very definitely wrong.  Family-run business ‘Linde’ makes a truly frozen whipped cream, which resembles a soft ice cream. It is located directly across the street from the Hema on Nieuwendijk, and most of the time you will have to wait outside the door in lineups to get your ice cream.

Several years ago, the company that manufactured the equipment went out of business, and the owner of this establishment bought up all the remaining equipment in order to keep his business running. If you ever get the chance to try this ice cream, you will keep going back. – Warren Bettis

Ice-cream in Apeldoorn

The best place for Dutch icecream is ‘Brouwers’ on the Koninginnelaan in Apeldoorn. You will drive the extra mile for that! – Jenny

Ice-cream in Blaricum

De Hoop in Blaricum… Delicious ‘After Eight’ Ice-Cream…and many many more. Lekker. – Jill

Italian Ice-cream parlour Aurora, Egmond aan Zee

Italian restaurant Miramare, on Voorstraat 149, in Egmond aan Zee, just in front of the beach, sells delicious homemade ice-cream in 24 different flavours. The way they present it – whipped up into gleaming mountains – makes it impossible to pass by without popping in to take a scoop, or two or three, down to the beach. – Janet, Amsterdam

Eindhoven, a real Italian gelateria

Whether or not you live in Strijp, Eindhoven, and you want some traditional ice-cream that’s made by bona fide Italians, then venture a wee bit out of the centre and visit Firenze Ijssalon (Strijpsestraat 196-C ) says Jane Hardjono who waxes lyrical: “I enjoy the sound of Italian conversation drifting from inside the salon out into the warm breath of summer evenings where we sit on new garden furniture and smile at fellow ice-cream imbibers.” – Jane Hardjono

Ice-cream in Haarlem

I recommend Garrone Gelateria, Grote Houtstraat 179, Haarlem, an Italian family business since 1947 which is by far the best italian ice-cream in town. IJscafe Da Benito, Soendaplein 33, Haarlem is also good. – Ania Markham

Ice-cream with a view in Arcen, Limburg

Please don’t leave Clevers off your list of great ice cream in the Netherlands. Here in the province of Limburg we have many great places for Dutch ice cream. There is nothing better than going to Clevers in the beautiful town of Arcen on a warm sunny day, sitting on the terrace overlooking the Maas River while enjoying some of the best ice cream in the world! It’s worth waiting in the long lines for this delicious dairy treat. The only problem is trying to decide with flavour(s) you want. – Kristina

In Arcen in Limburg is Clevers Ice saloon. Don’t forget to eat an ice dinner there, you will be surprised. – Innodidacom

Apple Tart ice-cream in Thorn, Limburg

There is a fabulous ice cream parlour in Thorn, Limburg. It is called San Marino and their Apple Tart ice cream is mind-blowingly good. It is without doubt the best I have ever eaten. – Helen Jackson

Ice-cream in Rotterdam

Want to taste a yummy ice-cream? Come by Rotterdam’s De Ijssalon or hire your own ice-cream trolley for a party. – Marisa de Brito

When you’re in the neighborhood of Rotterdam my favorite is Ijssalon Hemels. They have so many nice self made tastes of ice! – George

Amersfoort (Utrecht)

I have driven, and will continue to drive, a few extra kilometres for Ijssalon San Marco. Addictive. – Daniëlle de Groot

Best ice-cream in Utrecht

Roberto Gelato in Utrecht makes the best gelato in Holland! It was also nominated ‘beste IJssalon van Utrecht’ by NL30 k. You will find it in Poortstraat 93 Utrecht (from an italian ice cream lover). – Vincenzo

Utrecht ice-cream shop

My recommendation would be Il Mulino, Adelaarstraat 2, Utrecht. The ice cream and sundaes are the best I have every tasted. They have a multitude of flavours as well as a whipped cream sandwich which is enjoyed by many I observed. My favourites are chocolate, chocolate chip, pistachio, mocha and lemon. There is always a line outside the building especially when the weather is good. You can sit across the street on the steps by the Oude Gracht canal when the small boats wait for the locks to be opened with a view of the Dom. I can’t wait to go back. – Pam Boucher (Elwood, IL USA)

Ice-cream in Weesp

There is an excellent ice cream parlour in Weesp (just 10 minutes by train from Amsterdam Centraal) called Nelis Ijssalon. It’s open all year round (only till 6pm during the winter but till much later when it’s warm), the people are nice and it is never empty (not even in winter!). I believe their coffee ice cream won second place a few years back in the IJs wedstrijd but I prefer their fruit flavoured ice-creams. They have loads of flavours and also sell good apple-pie. Weesp is also lovely for a day trip. – Yun Mei Ching

North Holland

The best ice-cream in North Holland: Ijssalon Giraudi, Kerkstraat, 2042 JC Zandvoort – Sascha

Frozen yoghurt in Amsterdam

Try Frozz – fresh frozen yoghurt, made of fresh Dutch yoghurt and 100 percent natural. Although fresh frozen yoghut is well-known and popular elsewhere in the world, it is relatively new to the Netherlands. The store at Wolvenstraat 19 (9-straatjes district) in Amsterdam allows you to choose three toppings from a selection of fresh fruits, nuts, chocolate, cookies and more. – Mei Lin Ang