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Last update on April 29, 2020

Just moved to Luxembourg and wondering what that strange language is? Here are some everyday phrases in Luxembourgish.

Jo Yes
Neen No
Vläicht Maybe
Moien Hello
Gudde Moien Good Morning
Gudde Mëtteg Good Afternoon
Gudden Owend Good Evening
Äddi Goodbye
Merci Thank you
Firwat? Why?
Ech weess net I don’t know
Ech verstinn net I don’t understand
Watgelift? or Entschëllegt? Excuse me?
Schwätzt dir Däitsch/Franséisch/Englesch? Do you speak German/French/English?
Wéi heeschs du? What is your name?
Wéi geet et? How are you?
Sou So
Fräi Free
Heem Home
Ech I
An and/in
Mäin my
Mat With
Kand Kid/Child
Wee Way