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Last update on August 11, 2020

Just moved to Luxembourg and wondering what that strange language is? Here are some everyday phrases in Luxembourgish.

  • Jo Yes
  • Neen No
  • Vläicht Maybe
  • Moien Hello
  • Gudde Moien Good Morning
  • Gudde Mëtteg Good Afternoon
  • Gudden Owend Good Evening
  • Äddi Goodbye
  • Merci Thank you
  • Firwat? Why?
  • Ech weess net I don’t know
  • Ech verstinn net I don’t understand
  • Watgelift? or Entschëllegt? Excuse me?
  • Schwätzt dir Däitsch/Franséisch/Englesch? Do you speak German/French/English?
  • Wéi heeschs du? What is your name?
  • Wéi geet et? How are you?
  • Sou So
  • Fräi Free
  • Heem Home
  • Ech I
  • An and/in
  • Mäin my
  • Mat With
  • Kand Kid/Child
  • Wee Way