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Looking to fall in love abroad? Or maybe you're relocating with your partner? For more information on love and partnership around the world, our expert guides provide information on everything from local engagement traditions to gay marriage options.

Online dating

Online dating guide for single expats

Dating as an expat has its own set of challenges and perks. Luckily, anyone looking for a partner in an international setting has a plenty of options, including online dating.

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Online dating tips for men

Looking for love: online dating tips for men

Searching for a potential mate online can be intimidating no matter where you are. How can you prepare yourself when you wade into the world of digital dating while abroad? Consult these online dating tips for men.

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Online dating tips for women

Online dating tips for women living abroad

Living abroad is rewarding, but getting into the dating scene is challenging if you don’t speak the local language. If you follow a few online dating tips for women, finding love as an expat can be a breeze.

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Online dating profile

How to create the best online dating profile

Wandering into the world of online dating? First impressions are key, so you’ll need to make a good one. Catch the eye of a potential partner with essential tips for making an online dating profile.

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Living apart together

Home alone and happy: how living apart together helps couples

Who says you have to live with the one you love? Couples living apart together are bucking tradition in favor of an option that strengthens their relationship.

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How to flirt

How to flirt: a European guide

The French flatter and the Brits are crass. So says a social anthropologist in this review on how to flirt across cultural boundaries in Europe.

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Meaning of flowers

The meaning of flowers around the world

We explain the different meanings of flowers around the globe to help you avoid faux pas when gifting them in your new home country.

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Public displays of affection

Let’s get physical: Europe and public displays of affection

Europeans have vastly different languages of love when it comes to public displays of affection. What are the social norms for public and private intimacy where you live?

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World citizen

Moving for love: being a world citizen

Being a world citizen isn’t a rejection of local values and culture, but it can come at a cost for some relationships. Rather than thriving in a local environment alone, Yvonne Salt’s research shows that many international couples do better by staying connected to an international lifestyle.

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Valentine's Day

The tragic, unromantic history of Valentine’s Day

The true meaning of Valentine’s Day takes a different light when you learn about its history. Who was Saint Valentine anyhow? Take a look at Valentine’s Day traditions around the world.

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Expat relationships

5 realities of expat relationships

Hop on board and buckle up for the roller coaster of expat relationships. The realities of dating abroad are more difficult than they might first seem.

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Wedding ring

Wedding ring traditions from around the world

We explore the origins of the wedding ring and how it came to be made and worn in different cultures and religions throughout the world.

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Long-distance relationship

The secrets to maintaining a long-distance relationship

Learn how to make your love last the distance with these simple yet effective tips for couples sharing a long-distance relationship.

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LGBT friendly

The most LGBTQ+ friendly countries for expats

If you’re part of the LGBT+ community, read our guide to 10 of the best LGBT+ friendly countries for expats.

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Dating in Europe

Dating in Europe: first date etiquette

The dating game is hard enough, even when you know the rules. How is dating in Europe when you don’t know how the game is played? Here’s a guide to expat dating in Europe.

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