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Expat tips for online dating after divorce

Divorce is rarely easy for any side, but it can feel more daunting getting back into the dating world as an expat.

Dating after divorce

By Expatica

Updated 9-1-2024

It doesn’t matter if your marriage lasted 20 years or one: if it was amicable or acrimonious, the most important thing about dating after divorce is that you feel ready to do so.

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Expat divorce can be hard, and you’re not alone

It’s understandable that divorced singles might feel lonely at times – even more so as an expat. The number of expat divorces is unclear; it’s indisputable, though, that expat status can add a sizable stress to an already difficult situation.

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Where do you begin when it comes to dating after a divorce abroad?

Whether both spouses were living abroad together or one is native to the country they were living in, divorce in an international setting tends to cause more complications than usual. For example, separating assets, determining the best custodial arrangements for kids, and finding the ideal educational arrangement for children are some major issues that loom over both sides in an expat divorce. Moreover, at least one of the spouses is far from their support circle back home when they need it most.

After the divorce, you deserve an ‘I’m a survivor’ moment; after that, it’s time to look ahead.

Moving on: expat dating after divorce

Now that you’re free, take a bit of time for yourself. Practice self-care: take walks, get a massage, or change up your hairstyle. When you’re ready, you can take on the dating world again.

You might be anxious about how things have changed since you last went on a date or flirted with a potential mate, let alone how to find love after divorce in a foreign country. Keeping up with friends – especially singletons – can buoy your spirits and get you out, increasing your chances of meeting someone new. Still, the chances of divorced expats finding love this way aren’t great.

Fortunately, online dating after divorce is now a common way for new singles to meet. Expats who work long hours or divorced expat parents who can’t easily get out to mingle may find that a trusted online dating site such as Expatica Dating really helps – and even make finding romance fun.

Dating in a foreign country can have unique challenges, particularly the language barrier. However, online dating after divorce on an expat dating site lets you bypass some of those issues. Remember that all expats are far from home: the dating pool is generally open-minded and eager to find love.

Channel the sense of adventure and curiosity you felt when first moving overseas. Online dating after divorce lets expats meet people from all over the world, potentially with fascinating stories to tell. As a bonus, you have terrific options for interesting international dates: just make sure that your first date is in a public setting and tell a friend where you’re meeting to be on the safe side.

Online dating for divorced parents: it’s all good

Newly single expat parents eyeing online dating shouldn’t be concerned that other expats will be put off by the fact that you have kids. On the contrary, you might find other divorcees with kids who are relieved that you have parenthood in common. You might also find that when you’re looking for love after divorce, potential dates just don’t mind if you have kids.

Single father
Dating after divorce as a single parent abroad can seem daunting at first glance

Honesty is the best policy in online dating for divorced parents; don’t hide the fact that you have kids. At the same time, people want to get to know you, not your kids. Your profile and messages should talk about who you are as a person. If all goes well, you can tell your date all about your children when the moment’s right.

It’s natural to have concerns about how dating after divorce might affect your kids. Wait until you’re serious with someone new before introducing them to your little ones. If the children bond with your new partner, they could end up upset if you break up. Delay introductions until you feel your new relationship is stable and has long-term prospects.

Some kids may feel that the new partner is replacing their other parent or worry that you won’t love them as much. Be patient and reassuring.

Getting advice for dating after divorce

There are a host of resources for families affected by divorce: even Sesame Street offers tools to make it easier, and you can find more guidance online or at the library. It may be hard to find resources specifically for families affected by expat divorce, but talking with another family that lives overseas and has been through it or with a counsellor can help.

That said, expat kids can be resilient, and kids thrive when their parents are happy. Remember that you’re not just a parent, but a person with your own life to live. Go ahead and take a chance at finding love after divorce with online dating.

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