Money Management

Manage your money like a pro: find out how to transfer funds internationally, where to borrow and invest, and how to plan your estate when you live abroad.

Expat financial planning

Financial planning for expats

Finances are already complicated by living away from your home country. Expats need sound financial planning to tackle the financial implications of taking your family abroad.

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Send money from the US

International money transfers: How to send money from the US

Sending money from the United States to another country used to be time-consuming and expensive, requiring you to make a special trip to your bank and wait days or even weeks for your money to arrive.

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Protecting your finances

Protecting your finances while living abroad

Moving yourself and your belongings from one country to another requires careful consideration. One of the biggest considerations is one for the future: protecting your finances.

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International money transfers

International money transfers decoded

To find the best way to transfer money internationally, it’s important to understand the fees, exchange rates, and speed of different transfer options.

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Financial literacy

The importance of financial literacy for expats

Aside from the general complexities surrounding a move abroad, such as applying for visas and looking for work, financial literacy is one of the most common areas of confusion.

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Save money effectively

Saving cash or just collecting coins: how to save money effectively

Most people understand that as soon as you start earning money, you should start saving. Saving money effectively can make a huge difference when it comes to achieving investment goals.

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Moving back to the UK

Moving back to the UK: financial considerations

Sometimes, it’s just time to go home. Moving back to the UK doesn’t have to be difficult, but British expats should plan a few things ahead before returning.

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Cheapest places to live

The cheapest places to live as an expat

You dream of living abroad, but don’t think you can afford it? Your wanderlust may not need a reality check after all. Consult Expatica’s list of cheapest places to live for expats; we did the math so you don’t have to.

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Travel lifestyle

How to fund a travel lifestyle without excuses

Many of us only dream about ditching our nine-to-five job to travel the world, but in reality there are many ways to fund a travel lifestyle.

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Investing as a hobby

Start investing as a hobby: tips for expats

Everyone needs a hobby. Some like to play sports, learn a language, or read books; others enjoy making art or music. These days, however, many have started investing as a hobby.

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Offshore investment

Offshore investments for expats

Overwhelmed by the number of offshore investment products? Learn more about the basics of investing abroad and using offshore investments as a portable retirement plan.

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Bitcoin investment

Expert advice on the Bitcoin investment hype

The Bitcoin investment frenzy may have peaked, but great interest remains. Here’s what any investor should keep in mind about Bitcoin.

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Investing money

Investing money abroad wisely

Expatica shows how expats can build a successful investment portfolio for long-term capital growth, using a range of investment options.

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Moving your finances abroad

A checklist for moving your finances abroad

Before moving abroad, make sure your finances, pension plan, housing payments, tax arrangements, and investments are carefully organized for the big move.

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