About Switzerland

Thinking about moving to Switzerland? Get under the skin of your new home with our expert introductory guides to everything you need to know about Switzerland. From understanding the expat lifestyle in Zurich to articles detailing the cost of living, you'll find it here – so get ready to pack your bags.

Switzerland holidays

Public holidays in Switzerland in 2022 and 2023

Find out all about Switzerland’s public holidays 2022 and 2023, as well as other important dates to make a note of on your calendar.

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An introduction to Switzerland

We look beyond the stereotypes of cheese, chocolate, and mountains to give you an insight into what life in Switzerland is really like.

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Switzerland language

Languages in Switzerland: the multilingual alpine nation

Find out which of the four official languages of Switzerland you should be speaking and where to learn them with this helpful guide.

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Expat Switzerland

Being an expat in Switzerland: 10 things you need to know

Living in Switzerland is an enticing proposition for expats, but what’s living there really like? We reveal all in this helpful guide.

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Switzerland facts

30 surprising facts about Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland? Then why not learn a little more about your new home country with our 30 surprising facts about Switzerland.

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Emergency number Switzerland

Emergency numbers in Switzerland

Do you know the emergency number in Switzerland? Find out this and more with our guide to Swiss services.

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Switzerland climate

The climate and seasons in Switzerland

We explain the different regional climates in Switzerland and what to expect each season to help you better prepare for life in the country.

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Cost of living in Switzerland

The cost of living in Switzerland

From housing and education to healthcare and groceries, we summarize the cost of living in Switzerland for expats looking to move there.

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Swiss people

An introduction to Swiss people and culture

How well do you know the Swiss? This frank and irreverent guide to Swiss people shares some insight to the country’s character and culture.

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