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35 facts about Switzerland

35 facts about Switzerland


Test your Swiss knowledge with these top 35 Swiss facts – did you know Velcro and LSD originated in Switzerland or that the world's most expensive coffee is in Switzerland?

Cost of living in Switzerland

Cost of living in Switzerland: Can you afford it?


The cost of living in Switzerland in high but provides access to one of the world's highest life qualities. This guide includes the cost of living in Switzerland for housing, healthcare, education, transport, food and more.

Top Swiss Food

Top 10 Swiss foods – with recipes

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Does 'Swiss food' and 'Swiss cuisine' even exist, so to speak? You can decide after trying these top 10 Swiss food recipes of the country's most popular and traditional dishes.

Streaming Services

Watch your home country's TV abroad: a guide to international streaming ser...


With content delivery services that offer access to your favourite TV programmes from your home country around the world, living abroad has never been easier.

Ferries across the Channel

Ferries across the Channel: getting around Europe by boat


Travel between mainland Europe and the UK has never been easier, and if you’re sick of air travel there remains the classic option: take a boat.

Expat-Expo: by, for and about English-speaking Switzerland


Designed for English-speaking expats in Switzerland, Expat-Expo is a free one-day event featuring over 400 different companies and attracting about 10,000 visitors per year. [Contributed by Expat-Expo]

International airports in Switzerland


A list of international airports in Switzerland, plus information on visa requirements for travelling to a Swiss airport.

Swiss public holidays

Public holidays in Switzerland 2018 and other important Swiss holidays


Here is a list of Swiss holidays in 2018, including Swiss public holidays and regional vacations, daylight savings, Mother's and Father’s Days, Swiss school holidays and other important holidays in Switzerland.

Swiss festivals

The best of Switzerland's festivals 2018


The best festivals in Switzerland in 2018 offer a wealth of attractions, from famous Swiss music festivals such as the Montreux Jazz Festival to open-air Swiss festivals against backdrops of picturesque Swiss scenery.

Christmas traditions in Switzerland

Swiss Christmas guide: Christmas traditions in Switzerland


Celebrate Christmas the Swiss way with this list of top Swiss Christmas traditions, Christmas holiday activities and a Swiss-German Christmas dictionary.

Swiss Christmas

Swissworld: Celebrating Swiss Advent and Christmas


Get your Advent calendars ready! The countdown to Christmas in Switzerland is full of traditions and celebrations.

Emergency numbers in Switzerland

Emergency numbers in Switzerland


What number do you call in an emergency in Switzerland? Here's a guide to emergency numbers and helplines in Switzerland, plus useful numbers for advice, lost property and general enquiries.

Swiss National Day

Swiss National Day, 1 August


Celebrate the founding of the Swiss Confederation with a range of festivities held throughout Switzerland on 31 July and 1 August on 'Bundesfeier'.

Swiss culture

Swiss summer and autumn customs – wine, cows and foklore festivals


Pull out the alphorns and yodel till the cows come home (literally): that's how the Swiss celebrate summer and autumn traditions, in an array of top folklore festivals.

Swiss customs

Swiss spring and winter customs – the festival high seasons


Egg battles, 'snowman' burning and chasing winter spirits are just some of the traditional Swiss customs to celebrate in spring and winter.

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