Mass shootings in Europe

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The shootings in the eastern Belgian city of Liege and Florence, Italy, on Tuesday have several precedents over the past 10 years in Europe:

- September 27, 2001 - SWITZERLAND

A man bursts into the local assembly in the central Swiss town of Zug and opens fire, killing 14 members of parliament and local government then turning the gun on himself.

- March 27, 2002 - FRANCE

Eight local councillors are killed and 19 injured when a man opens fire on members of the municipal council of Nanterre, outside Paris. He kills himself the next day while in police custody.

- April 26, 2002 - GERMANY

Sixteen people, including 12 teachers and two students, are gunned down at a school in Erfurt in eastern Germany by a 19-year-old former student, apparently in revenge for having been expelled, who then killed himself.

- November 7, 2007 - FINLAND

An 18-year-old goes on a shooting rampage in a school in the southern Finnish town of Tuusula, killing eight people before shooting himself.

- September 23, 2008 - FINLAND

Eleven people, including the 22-year-old gunman, die in a massacre at a training school at Kauhajoki, Finland.

- March 11, 2009 - GERMANY

Nine pupils, three teachers and three passers-by are killed in a school shooting at Winnenden in southern Germany by a former pupil who then kills himself.

- June 2, 2010 - ENGLAND

Twelve people are killed when a 52-year-old taxi driver goes on a shooting spree in the English region of Cumbria, before killing himself.

- April 9, 2011 - THE NETHERLANDS

A gunman opens fire in a packed mall in the Netherlands, killing six people before shooting himself dead.

- July 22, 2011- NORWAY

A bomb attack on government buildings in Oslo that kills eight is followed by a shooting which kills 69 at a summer holiday camp organised by the ruling Labour party on the island of Utoeya, near to the capital. A right-wing extremist is arrested for carrying out both attacks.

- December 13, 2011 - BELGIUM

Three people, plus the gunman, are killed when a man, armed with grenades, opens fire on a square packed with children and Christmas shoppers in the eastern Belgian city of Liege.

In ITALY a far-right militant kills two Senegalese street vendors and wounds three people in a shooting spree in Florence after which he apparently kills himself.

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  • Simonzee1 posted:

    on 25th May 2014, 07:34:41 - Reply

    Let us not make the mistake of isolating the source of violence to one group. The Western media is good at reinforcing and highlighting partisan blame. Society is a complex set of cogs set in motion by the markets more than by any other influence.

    Their are nutters out there and a whole lot more potential nutters at a pay it forward rate.
    Look at how the axis of evil is defined but never as being America..France and Britain in Libya. Right now the West is putting in place the old diplomatic order to get rid of the terrorists they put in power. Its back to dealing with the old guard of Gadaffi as long as they can get the oil. They will support a coup in Ukraine but not in Thailand. Young people are aware of there being no lines between good and evil (no red lines) and as increasingly feeling isolated and unheard are seeing themselves as judge and jury within their field of control. Violence is never just isolated for the modern young person it is an overdeveloped sense of acting to effect wider change but from an underdeveloped and distorted source of emotional intelligence. A dangerous mix that is wired into most of our young peoples minds...facilitated chiefly by our marketing culture. What happena when you have a whole myriad of young people seeing themselves as commandernin chief? Even after the event they are often unrepentant pointing to how there is no difference between their actions and that of a patriot or hypocricy and actions of a current leader. Brevick is a case in point of this moral ambivalence that stretches from our young to the Whitehouse and Brussels. We now openly talk of our leaders as if they are pathologically unstable..that it is required for the job.

    The truth is that when people do not see good for goods sake and feel that they are part of society that they are alienated from they want to act. When they feel they do not belong and are ridiculed you get the Brevick's or the assistant directors son of the Hunger Games killing all those innocent people. The father blames the guns...society blames this that and the other but society better get used to a whole lot more carnage as the traditional family breaks down and the narcassistic self asserts control.

    In both of the cases the above a father refuses to take any blame for carnage. One was a succesful diplomat and the other a succesful director. As we see the cult of individual rights promoted by our marketing culture which makes its coin out if alienating the individual from traditional support mechanisms and selling product we are on a steep path to decline in mental health and corresponding violence.

    To have the love and support of a father withdrawn is enough let alone the wider world that rejects you is the central concern of modern society. The narcassistic self reacts with hostility beyond what can ever be predicted. This new psychology of heirarchical structuring does not recognise any authority.

    It is not the guns its the breakdown of society in a culture on marketing steroids that is the central issue. The kid drove a BMW and stabbed 3 to death while shooting others. He along with millions of other dissilusioned Western youth are the most serious national security concern not Al-Queida. This is not just a Muslim issue is a global issue of the alienation of our young from reliable family structures.

    Marketers spend millions on consulting psychologists on a regular basis to exploit and mould young to old minds...make trillions without any thought of accountability. The business plan is to further blurr the lines between reality and fantasy in their targeted consumer and in product placements. Even news reports purporting to be factual are being written around product placements. Their should be a global lawsuit against a marketing culture that will destroy any other product but their own with no ethical conscience whatsoever. Our technology in large part is far from liberating the minds of human beings and instead accelerating a decline in the mental health of our young.

    The fact that most kids are now sexting and seeing themselves as product is just one symptom of a humanity stripped of soul and meaningful relational engagement. Just last week a beautiful straight A student in America drove to a lake after purchasing a shotgun and shot herself. She did this after making a porn movie and being ridiculed. Extremism thrives everywhere when there is ignorance of just how alienated our youth are across the globe. The biggest extremists we now have are in our market shaped youth who will defend selfishness at all cost.

    What we see therefore are two extremist positions clashing across the globe in that of religion and the markets. There is nothing new here under the sun just a global framework in the form of the internet to expand a marketers tools. This is why we read as far back as Christ throwing over the marketing tables outside the temple and before that the use of tampered weights in the payment of goods and services.

    Look at the history of Israel and we see this as a huge problem within Israel as it is now for the whole world. It has also been the place of false hope and greed in some of the mega churches in America. Read the book of Amos....its where Martin Luther King got inspiration for his speech concerning false ideas of living and the barriers to righteousness...right living.

    Our young people have a complex world to negotiate and there needs to be more accountability from our marketing culture which defines our young and works towards the abstraction or exclusion of tradition and family structures. Unless we change society will collapse under the weight of its own dysfunction and we are already seeing this in the costs asociated with mental health portfolios. The negative mental health of the young directly effects the psychology of the elder members of society let alone the next generation. In this way they are truly our future not to be taken lightly.
  • Beau posted:

    on 6th March 2013, 03:21:35 - Reply

    Anders Brevik and the Workers Youth League massacre. 85 dead. :(
  • Pieter Verstraete posted:

    on 16th December 2012, 11:10:15 - Reply

    To this tragic list, we should also add the Toulouse and Montauban shootings targeting French soldiers and Jewish civilians (notably, children in a Jewish school) in the cities of Montauban and Toulouse in the Midi-Pyrénées region of France in March 2012.