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Last update on November 01, 2019

Rock out to this top 10 selection of the greatest Belgian bands.

This top 10 list of Belgian bands covers a few different genres, featuring songs from the past and the present. For me, discovering the great music of a culture is one of the biggest pleasures of travelling. So here goes my personal selection of the top 10 bands in Belgium!

Steak Number Eight

Young dudes rocking a mature sound with their own take on ‘Stoner Rock’ genre. Great to see live, headbanging all around!


I’ve been loving the older 90s era Deus stuff recently. The album to check out would be No More Loud Music.

Black Box Revelation

Up and coming rock’n’roll band, who do a great live show.


Arsenal has been one of my favourite ‘chill’ bands for the past year. Absolutely love both their albums Lotuk and Outsides.

Absynthe Minded

Described as ‘Europe’s best kept secret’… you can be the judge.

Admiral Freebee

I always feel so good listening to Admiral Freebee! I recommend checking out all his albums, but to start, try his self-titled album.

Toots Thielemans

Legendary blues musician and the greatest harmonica player in the 20th century.


A little taste of some Belgian electronic music, that doesn’t fall into the annoying drum and bass our ears have been accosted with on the radio sometimes.


Check out his album Euphoric for some über funky jams.

El Fish

Having won some Zamu Music Awards, an annual awards show in Flanders for outstanding Flemish and international musicians, El Fish is worth checking out.

Oddly enough, when I finished this list I found that it is devoid of women. I could have put Selah Sue, but I’m over her and her poofy hair. She’s a great performer (as seen below with Triggerfinger), but there has to be more Belgian songstresses out there!

I would love to see everyone’s suggestions – who would make your top 10 list of Belgian bands?