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Last update on July 31, 2019

Want to live or travel in Europe? You’re going to learn something about peeing in public – whether you want to or not! Blogger Libby reports.

This Sunday morning, I was hoping to awake to birds chirping, the sun shining, a babbling brook, and breakfast in bed.

Instead, I was awoken by a man with hair like Fabio who was walking a husky that was howling at the moon, and a little boy trying (with great effort) to pee in my bushes.

I guess that’s the next best alternative.

It seems like the man with Fabio hair goes walking with his dog every Sunday morning, and that the dog is either suffering the great and tragic loss of his female companion or his favourite bone or he thinks that cars are the moon. I feel like I’ve been stirred from a deep sleep from his howling before.

As for the boy, well, I hope his aim improves with age. As a European, he needs to prepare himself for years of public urination.

Especially if he wants to live in Amsterdam…

Public urinals, Amsterdam


Public urinals, Switzerland

or Hamburg.

Public urinals, Hamburg

The list goes on and on.

Trouble is, I’m afraid the little boy won’t have any problems learning to pee in public: none of them seem to. Instead, the ’peeing in public’ problem is a distinctively feminine mental complex, where females are subjected to inadvertent displays of male genitalia and bodily functions on city streets and at rest stops, in parks and at tourist traps, and at bars and in alleyways.

Come to think of it, I got to see more men peeing today when I took my in-laws on a walk through the lower part of Luxembourg city, known as the Grund.

I think that watching two men relieve themselves today is more than enough, don’t you?

Hmmm…then again, maybe I’m seeing this all wrong.

Perhaps I was the one who had to prepare myself for public urination.

Never thought of it that way.

In that case, thank you to the little boy who peed on my bushes today as part of my continuing European education. My hat goes off to you.

As for Fabio and his dog, I would like to ask them to be a little more respectful and take their Sunday morning walk after 9.00.

Sheesh. The nerve of some people!

Reprinted with permisson of Lovely in Lux.

 LibbyA native of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Libby moved to Germany after finishing college and enjoyed four years there. In 2008, she left Germany for itty-bitty Luxembourg. Follow her adventure and her journey to happiness – no matter where on Earth she may find herself – on Lovely in Lux.