Children's Education

Primary education in Russia

If you’re looking to enroll your child into education in Russia, here’s a short guide to primary education in Russia.

Primary education in Russia

Updated 20-5-2024

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Preschools in Russia

The childcare system

For families with babies and young children, one of the first considerations upon arriving in Moscow is finding quality childcare and pre-schools. Before applying for schools, parents need to find out what government childcare subsidies and daycare funding they are eligible for. Read living in Russia with children to start your research, and also take a look at our guides to preschools in Russia and childcare in Russia.

Support groups

Feeling lost upon arriving? Why not turn to women’s clubs and children’s clubs for expats? You can also check out for the nearest family support and playgroups in our A-Z listings. These groups give you a chance to network with other expat parents, discover more facilities and have fun.

Primary education in Russia

Choosing an international school

International schools in Russia are often the first option considered by expat parents. Designed to ease the educational transition of a move from one country to another, international schools are a good choice for expat children who are staying temporarily in the host country. Qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate are becoming increasingly popular with people who relocate frequently.

Parents who are sure they will repatriate while their children are of school age need to select an expat school system that allows easy integration of their children into their home-country education system upon return.
Click through our A-Z listings for a more comprehensive list of international schools in Moscow.

Choosing a local school

However, for families planning to settle into a country long-term, international schools might not be the best fit. The public primary education system in Russia could be the most effective path.

There are pros and cons of the Russian education system, and parents will have to consider factors such as the age of their children and language(s) spoken in the host country before making a selection.

Overall, when the right schooling decisions are made, expats feel that their children benefit from their education abroad; expanding your children’s horizons culturally will aid in developing the intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills children need to live, learn and work in a rapidly globalizing world.