Dutch Agriculture Minister scraps pit bull ban

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The 1993 ban on owning pit bull terriers was imposed after three children were bitten to death by the dogs.

11 June 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - Dutch Agriculture Minister Gerda Verburg has announced she will scrap the ban on owning and breeding pit bull terriers and related breeds.

The ban was introduced in 1993 after three children were bitten to death by pit bull terriers. The ban allowed police to seize dogs and have them put down purely on the basis of their appearance.

The minister has decided to scrap the ban because it has not led to a reduction in the number of biting incidents.

Verburg wants to introduce a new measure in which dogs are judged by their behaviour rather than breed. She also wants to increase the information provided to dog owners.  

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • Murr posted:

    on 12th June 2008, 08:16:59 - Reply

    There's no such thing as a bad dog. There are only bad dog owners. And anyone who would choose to own a pitbull is a total dork, they are not necessarily aggressive dogs - depends on the owner - but oh la la, they redefine the word stupid.
  • denise lebeau posted:

    on 11th June 2008, 21:27:01 - Reply

    Gerry is obviously not knowledgeable about dog behavior nor the English language. Pit bulls account for a very low percentage of bites in the US where the CDC tracks this information. Unfortunately, there is so much media attention given to any incident involving pit bulls that it can seem like pit bulls are accountable for more than they are actually guilty of. What makes any dog aggressive is what should be addressed when looking to make your community safer: anti-tethering, rigorous spay/neuter, and strong anti-cruelty laws can help ensure that every member of your community as safe as possible.
  • Gerry posted:

    on 11th June 2008, 20:18:17 - Reply

    "dogs are judged by their behaviour rather than breed." Does she propose some kind of test before the biting incident occurs?
    Idiot, Pit Bulls are bread for their behaviour which includes attacking children given half a chance and a little encouragement from their blood thirsty owners, Oh look at me I'm hard.
    Enforcement is what is needed here, Oh that's right the Police Dog Squad are all stoned and down the knocking shop. There is simply no need for the poor cross bred pit bull. How do these people get into these positions of power!