Corrie van der Valk declared dead

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Court declares the member of a well-known Dutch hotel who disappeared in 2001 officially dead.

5 May 2008

ARNHEM - A court in Arnhem has officially declared Corrie van der Valk dead. Van der Valk, a member of a well-known Dutch hotel and restaurant family, disappeared in 2001 at the age of 58, leaving everything in her house untouched except for her passport, which has never been located.

A search of the area around her house with tracker dogs also revealed nothing. Her husband, Nico van der Valk, was for a while suspected of murdering her, while family members suggested that she had disappeared so that she could start a new life elsewhere.

In an interview with the newspaper De Telegraaf, daughter Sandra van der Valk said that the despite the Arnhem court's ruling, the family did not consider the matter closed.

"It's still theoretically possible," she said, "that Corrie could turn up tomorrow. If you can't see somebody's dead body, you can never be sure that they really are dead."

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