Age limit for driving in the Netherlands now 17 years

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The age limit for driving a car has dropped in the Netherlands to 17 years.

The new "2toDrive" programme gives new young drivers, aged between 16 and 18 years, the opportunity to take the passenger car licence (category B) theory test when 16, take driving lessons and a possible CBR preliminary driving Test at the age of 16 and six months, and the CBR driving test at 17 years. After passing the CBR driving test, they still cannot drive alone, but must be accompanied by a coach ("Begeleider"), until their 18th birthday.


The name of the coach must be mentioned on the "Begeleiderspas" (Pass for Accompanied Driving); the new young driver must apply for this Pass, on which the names of up to three coaches can be given. These names are registered with the authorities. However, finding a coach may be difficult for new arrivals in the Netherlands according to Michael Davidson of international driving school in the Netherlands, Drive Right. Not only does the coach have to be 27 years or older but they need to have a valid Dutch driving license for five years," he told Expatica."This can make it difficult to find even one qualified person to accompany a new young expat driver."

This new ruling does not apply for the motorcycle licence for which the age limit remains 18 years.


Visit for more information and to fill in the Begeleiderspas 


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