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Last update on February 17, 2020

If you’re thinking of moving to the Netherlands for work, think about Twente: an entrepreneurial, high-tech region in the east of the Netherlands. [Contributed by Expat Center Twente]

Twente, the Netherlands, has an innovative network with a powerful technological profile and international ambitions. Its economic agenda is focused on the High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) sector, which creates plenty opportunities for locals and expats looking for jobs in Twente. The sector also suits the DNA of the Twente region, which has been traditionally shaped by the manufacturing industry.

Companies, (local) government, and educational and knowledge institutions such as the University of Twente create advantages by making connections, leading to Twente’s true pioneering mentality. Many start-ups and high-tech applications are the result of the development of new products and services in Twente. These attributes make the Twente region attractive for high-tech companies, talented students, ambitious professionals and investors. Twente offers national and international opportunities to excel and contribute to a safe, sustainable and healthy society.

Expat Center Twente

When you decide to move to Twente, the Expat Center Twente can help. Our aim is to provide information to companies in the east of the Netherlands as well as their highly skilled international employees on all matters concerning moving to the Netherlands. With this wealth of information and personal service, Expat Center Twente makes relocation for both HR managers and expats as smooth as possible.

Besides offering information, many of the practical aspects of moving to the Netherlands can be arranged by the Expat Center Twente: applying for work and residence permits or orientation tours through Twente, for example. Dutch language training, assistance with Dutch taxes, help looking for a house and finding jobs in Twente for expat partners are also services provided by Expat Center Twente.

The social aspect of moving to another country is not forgotten, either; the Expat Center Twente organises events on a regular basis, such as the monthly Expat Meet&Greet and family outings a few times a year. Through an English-language newsletter and social media, we keep internationals informed about practical matters, but also offer fun facts and interesting activities in the Twente region.

Jobs in Twente

The Expat Center Twente is a central point for companies and expats. The team of locals and expats is here to serve you: we are your connection to Twente! For more information visit our website: www.expatcentertwente.com

Jobs in Twente

The range of jobs in Twente is very broad. There are many technical occupations in the high-tech industry and IT sector, but also plenty of opportunities in the medical, education and financial sectors. With the business community and research institutions in Twente, Twente developed a special job board for highly qualified professionals. This job board not only offers these employment vacancies, but also traineeships and graduation assignments. Combined, the employers in Twente offer job vacancies to highly qualified (international) workers.

Take a look at the more than 1200 vacancies and 150 international vacancies on Twente.com to get started on your career and life in Twente.

Contributed by Expat Center Twente