About the Netherlands

Thinking about moving to the Netherlands? Get under the skin of your new home with our expert introductory guides to everything you need to know about Netherlands. From understanding the expat lifestyle in Amsterdam to articles detailing the cost of living, you'll find it here – so get ready to pack your bags.

Dutch cuisine

A complete guide to Dutch cuisine

The Netherlands might not be famous for being a culinary destination, but contrary to popular belief, Dutch cuisine is surprisingly diverse.

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A brief introduction to the Netherlands

The newcomer will be forgiven for not knowing what to expect about the Netherlands, after tales of windmills, clogs, dikes and tulips. Expatica offers a whistle-stop tour about the Netherlands.

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Expat Netherlands

Expat life in the Netherlands: 10 questions answered

Thinking about moving to the land of stroopwafels, King’s Day, and bicycles? Find out what it’s like to be an expat in the Netherlands.

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Dutch language

The Dutch language

Learn more about the history, geography, and development of the Dutch language as well as the quirks that make it so unique.

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Dutch newspapers

Where to get the news in the Netherlands

Keep up to date with all the latest local and international news with our guide to Dutch newspapers and news websites in the Netherlands.

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Netherlands facts

30 surprising facts about the Netherlands

Are the Dutch really the tallest people in the world? And is it true they’re all hooked on licorice? Find out with these 30 facts about the Netherlands.

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Emergency number Netherlands

Emergency numbers in the Netherlands

Having some problems in the Netherlands? This list of Dutch emergency numbers and helplines will get you out of any sticky situation.

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Cost of living in Netherlands

The cost of living in the Netherlands

How much is the cost of living in the Netherlands? Find out about how much you need for housing, food, leisure, and more.

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Dutch people

A guide to Dutch people

Congratulations – you’re not afraid to give your opinion, nor offended when small children tell you off, and you’d never reject anything free. Those are just some of the more prevalent stereotypes of Dutch people.

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Best apps Netherlands

Top must-have apps in the Netherlands

New to the Netherlands? Make your life easier in your new home country by downloading these must-have apps in the Netherlands.

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