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Where to get the news in the Netherlands

Keep up to date with all the latest local and international news with our guide to Dutch newspapers and news websites in the Netherlands.

Dutch newspapers

By Sophie Pettit

Updated 29-2-2024

Like anywhere else in the world, people in the Netherlands have several ways to access local, regional, and national news. The main sources of news are television, radio, newspapers, and news websites.

There is a huge variety of Dutch newspapers and news websites on offer throughout the Netherlands. And the good news for expats is that you don’t have to know Dutch in order to read the latter. Indeed, thanks to Google Translate, English-speaking expats can stay up to date with all the latest news and information. Furthermore, there are several English-language news websites to choose from.

This helpful guide includes the following information on how to access news in the Netherlands:


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An overview of newspapers in the Netherlands

Dutch newspapers are issued every day in the Netherlands, except for Sunday and some public holidays. There are currently 28 printed daily newspapers, of which 10 are national, 16 are regional, and one is local. Some regional newspapers also offer editions for smaller regions throughout the Netherlands.

National Dutch newspapers

There are 10 national newspapers in the Netherlands. According to the circulation date released in 2017 (the last year that print circulations are allowed to be released), these rank as follows:

  • De Telegraaf
  • Algemeen Dagblad
  • Metro
  • De Volkskrant
  • NRC Handelsblad
  • Trouw
  • Het Financieele Dagblad
  • Reformatorisch Dagblad
  • NRC Next
  • Het Financieele Dagblad
Someone holding a copy of the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

De Telegraaf

The most widely-read newspaper in the Netherlands is De Telegraaf, which is based in Amsterdam. The newspaper has a populist, right-wing alignment and while it has some sensationalist stories, it has a serious tone when dealing with hard news stories and sports coverage. Additionally, it is the only major broadsheet national newspaper in the Netherlands. The others are tabloids.

Algemeen Dagblad (AD)

The second most widely-read newspaper is the Algemeen Dagblad (or AD), which is based in Rotterdam. The newspaper is neutral and carries no political or religious agenda. A regional supplement is available with local dailies in Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague. The AD Haagsche Courant (for The Hague region) and the AD Rotterdams Dagblad (for the Rotterdam region) appear in both a morning and an evening edition. In addition, the national edition is available throughout the country.


Metro is the third most popular newspaper in the Netherlands in terms of circulation; it is also the only free one. Many train and bus commuters throughout the country read it in the morning. The newspaper is based in Amsterdam and is a tabloid in format. If you are a newcomer to the Netherlands and learning Dutch, reading Metro is a good way to supplement your Dutch language course.

De Volkskrant

Forth in the table of circulation is De Volkskrant which is based in Amsterdam and was formerly a center-left Catholic broadsheet. It became a left-wing newspaper in the 1960s but began softening its stance in 1980. People now regard it as a medium-sized centrist compact.

NRC Handelsblad

Based in Rotterdam, the fifth-largest newspaper, the NRC Handelsblad is a daily evening newspaper and is regarded as being progressively liberal. Furthermore, it is generally accepted as the country’s newspaper of record, offering high-quality editorial and news-gathering functions.

Regional Dutch newspapers

There are currently 16 regional daily newspapers in the Netherlands. These provide important information about what is going on in your region. Residents can take out a subscription to their local town paper to stay up to date with all the latest events and news in the area.

Interestingly, more than 90% of newspapers distributed in the Netherlands are sold to subscribers. Furthermore, some regional newspapers have a higher number of subscribers than some of the much larger nationwide newspapers. All regional Dutch newspapers are paid and in tabloid format.

According to the circulation date released in 2017 (the last year that print circulations are allowed to be released), these rank as follows:

  • De Limburger
  • Gelderlander
  • Stentor
  • Noordhollands Dagblad
  • Dagblad van het Noorden
  • Brabants Dagblad
  • Tubantia
  • Eindhovens Dagblad
  • BN De Stem
  • Leeuwarder Courant
  • Het Parool
  • Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant
  • Haarlems Dagblad
  • Leidsch Dagblad
  • De Gooi- en Eemlander
  • Friesch Dagblad

Dutch news websites in the Netherlands

It goes without saying that the internet play a major role in delivering news and other important information to people in the Netherlands. While there are numerous websites that provide news and information in Dutch, these are among the most popular:

  • ad.nl
  • geenstijl.nl
  • metronieuws.nl
  • NOS.nl
  • nrc.nl
  • nu.nl 
  • rtlnieuws.nl 
  • telegraaf.nl 
  • trouw.nl
  • volkskrant.nl
NOS website on a mobile phone

It is important to note that while these websites provide information in Dutch, it is possible to translate it into English by using Google Translate.

English-language news websites in the Netherlands

English-speaking expats living in the Netherlands can access news in English from a variety of websites, including the following:

  • Expatica – publishes regular news updates in English on its website in the Netherlands; covering topics that affect expats living.
  • Dutch News – this is the leading provider of quality Dutch news in English for an international audience. The website covers topics such as news, business, sport, and entertainment. Readers can also subscribe to receive daily digital newsletters.
  • NL Times – this is the most regularly updated English news website in the Netherlands. It regularly publishes Dutch news in English, with sections such as crime, politics, business, sports, and technology.
  • IamExpat – the website provides Dutch news in English for expats living in the Netherlands
  • Government.nl – the website provides up-to-date news reports in English from the Dutch government about issues affecting the country.

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