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Last update on November 14, 2019

Looking for the perfect toy, gift or craft supply? Discover Amsterdam’s best independent toy stores, as recommended by the Mamas.

While the selection of toy store chains in Amsterdam is small, if you know where to look you will find a selection of individual shops offering a wide range of beautiful wooden toys, train sets, musical instruments, ride-ons, puzzles and more.

Here are those recommended by the Mamas:

On the Albert Cuypstraat, Mikado’s range is small but carefully chosen and includes wooden toys, puzzles, ride-ons, mobiles and room decorations. The owner is very accommodating and happy to order in any requests.

Tinkerbell Toys

In the famous Spiegelkwartier, one of the attractions of Tinkerbell Toys is the two-foot bear in front of the store, who blows bubbles all day long! Tinkerbell’s collection includes a great range of Schleich toys, train sets and science and nature toys.


Goochem is quite a large store near the Overtoom, with a good range of ride-ons, blocks and building toys – their range also includes HABA, Steiff, Brio and Kapla.

De Zaailing

De Zaailing is an anthroposophic store, which offers not only a great range of wooden toys (including Plan Toys, Pintoy and Selecta) but also natural craft supplies (for young and old), felting kits, Steiner-type dolls, puppets, and gorgeous clothing for children and adults made from natural materials. They also have a good range of Schleich animals, books for adults and children (in Dutch) and outdoor toys.

Gone with the Wind

The first thing you notice about Gone with the Wind is their beautiful selection of mobiles, but they also have a large range of wooden toys including Knikkerbaans, construction toys, train sets and puzzles, as well as ride-ons and larger toys such as dolls houses and farms. Their brands include Djeco, Kapla, Brio and Pintoy.

De Kleine Eland

A cramped store in the Jordaan, De Kleine Eland manages to stock quite a lot of all different toys. They have wooden ride-on toys hanging from the ceiling, a large range of miniatures for dolls houses, a good selection of dress-up clothes, wooden toys for babies, train sets and loads more.

Hebbes in Speelgoed

In the busy Harlemmerdijk, Hebbes in Speelgoed stock a good range of wooden toys, toy kitchen equipment, Sylvanian Families, puzzles and books. Brands include Brio, Djeco, Barbapapa, Happy Horse and Nijntje.

Kwinkel voor Kinderen

Kwinkel contains a small selection of new toys and clothes as well as a larger selection of second-hand clothes, shoes and toys. It pays to visit this store regularly if looking for good second-hand toys as you will occasionally find some gems at a very good price.

Heelgoed Speelgoed

This relatively new store in the Gerard Douplein (De Pijp) is heaven for a little boy: cars, trucks, trains, diggers, figurines and Lego. Heelgoed Speelgoed even has some classics such as Matchbox, Dinky toys and, for the girls, Barbie.

De Beestenwinkel

This is one of my favourite stores. Beesten means ‘beasts’ and the store lives up to its name well. De Beestenwinkel is a menagerie of animals of all shapes, sizes and materials: stuffed animals, Schleich animals, bath toys, puppets, puzzles and more.

Knutsel and Frutsel

In English Knutsel and Frutsel translates to ‘knock together and fiddle’ (at least, according to my dictionary). The focus of this store, though you may not have guessed it, is crafts for kids and adults. They have a great range of supplies, a selection of toys from Schliech, Brio, Lego, and Plan Toys, and a huge puzzle selection.

Speelgoed Hemeltje

Nice selection of wooden toys, Lego, Schleich toys (one of the few stores that has the Schleich farm buildings and accessories) and more can be found at Speelgoed Hemeltje.

De Winkel van Ninjtje (The Nijntje Shop)

Not quite in the centre but deserving a mention, this store sells everything Nijntje (known in English as Miffy).

De Bijenkorf

Amsterdam’s largest department store De Bijenkorf has a decent range including Janod, Brio, EverEarth, Nijntje, Lego, Hasbro and Ravensburger.

For cheaper toys and games, you can find a varying selection at the chain stores Intertoys and Bart Smit. Hema has its own selection of toys, both wooden and plastic, that are quite cheap, as well as a good range of craft supplies. Most Blokkerstores also offer a small range of cheap toys and games.

Pamela Ueckerman / Amsterdam Mamas / Expatica

Reprinted with the permission of Amsterdam Mamas.

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