Family & Pets

Embark on a new chapter abroad in the Netherlands with your entire family: learn all about childcare, fun activities, and how to bring and care for your pets.

Special needs Netherlands

Special needs services in the Netherlands

A wide array of organisations assists people with special needs in the Netherlands, from transport to education to holidays.

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pets netherlands

Keeping pets in the Netherlands

Discover the rules for buying, adopting, and importing pets in the Netherlands as well as how to register, insure, and care for them.

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Dutch parenting and family life

From home births and benefits to finding the right school, here are all the ins and outs of Dutch parenting.

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Netherlands for kids

The 10 best things to do with kids in the Netherlands

From fairy tale forests and magic pancake houses to wildlife safaris and epic theme parks, we share the best attractions for kids in the Netherlands.

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Childcare Netherlands

Childcare in the Netherlands

Raising a child the Dutch way? It’s never too early to consider your childcare options in the Netherlands, as this article explains.

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Partner visa Netherlands

Family and partner visas in the Netherlands

If you have a family member living in the Netherlands, find out if you’re eligible to join them with a family or partner visa.

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Preschool and daycare in the Netherlands

If you’re living in the Netherlands, learn more about the options available for childcare and preschool (peuterspeelzaal) in the Netherlands.

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Dutch daycare: Preparing expat kids for school

For expat parents in the Netherlands, sending your children to a Dutch daycare can be a great solution to prepare them for better integration, especially when it comes to learning Dutch before the school years.

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Child benefits Netherlands

Child benefits in the Netherlands

You can claim different types of child benefits in the Netherlands, to help with the costs of child-rearing, schooling, and childcare.

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