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Last update on September 20, 2021
Written by Explorer Publishing

In and around Amsterdam is a great place to take a dance class to improve your technique, or even to start from scratch. Whether your interest is ballet, salsa, modern or belly dancing, this guide from Explorer Publishing will help you along your way

Some schools also teach dance classes that are more therapeutic in nature. The type of clothing you are required to wear is dictated by the specific type of dance, but something loose and comfortable is probably a safe bet for practice. Also, be aware that several schools have other classes available, so you will have the opportunity to look in and see what you’d like to learn next.

Amsterdamse Ballet-school

Freestyle Jazz

Pr. Hendrikkade 135sous,  Amsterdam

Classical ballet

Studio omgeving Westerpark/Nassaustraat, Amsterdam
Tel: 020 682 54 78
Website: www.amsterdamseballetschool.nl/

The Amsterdamse Ballet-school teaches both classical ballet and jazz style. The students are mostly adults. Any adult is welcome and you don’t have to have any experience with dance or ballet. The most important trait of a dance student is enthusiasm. An introductory lesson is €8.50

Balletstudio Marieke van der Heijden

Balletstudio Marieke van der Heijden, Leidsekade 68, Amsterdam
Tel: 0642039211 (Call this number if you would like to take a trial lesson.)
Website: www.balletstudiomarieke.nl

The studio is beautifully lit and is in a central location, near the Leidseplein. It has about 220 students aged from very young (4-6) up to adult. They also have special dance and movement classes for people who would like to be active but are no longer able to wear point shoes.

Dansschool Kluver

De Lairessestraat 157, Oud Zuid, Amsterdam
Tel: 020 679 00 71
Website: www.kluver.nl

Dansschool Kluver has been around for 65 years and the current owners took it over about 25 years ago. They have two dance studios and a unique dance system where they get people up and dancing as quickly as possible. The forms of dance they teach are ballroom and Latin American. The enthusiastic school offers various activities and shorter workshops are available.

Jacob Maris

Columbusplein 253, Oud West, Amsterdam
020 612 25 14
Website: www.jacobmaris.com

Jacob Maris is an organisation that has several clubs within it. It is a large and active community with a lot going on. Along with their dance classes (ballroom, Latin American dances, street dance, country line dancing) there are occasional competitions  as well as free dance evenings when the clubs get together. The other offerings of the club range from martial arts classes to music and yoga. All ages are welcome.

Salsa Caliente

Staalkade 5 hs, Centrum, Amsterdam
Tel: 020 684 51 94
Website: www.salsacaliente.nl

Salsa Caliente has dance lessons in Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Cha-cha-cha and Bachata among others. Classes are held four days a week, and if you don’t dance yet, don’t worry – they have levels going from absolute beginner to experienced dancer. In addition to classes, they offer workshops and dance evenings. The workshops are available to large or small groups and instructors also travel to your location. Just provide the room and Salsa Caliente will provide the party.

Belly dancing

The idea of belly dancing may conjure up a certain image, but the countries where it originates have very diverse styles. Additionally, each dancer has her own style dictated by taste and the way her body moves. If you’re looking to get more energy and exercise in a fun and exotic way, belly dancing may be what you’re looking for. When going to a class, you should wear loose-fitting clothes and possibly a wide, flowing skirt, but it’s not mandatory. Some studios also have a shop connected and if they don’t they will be able to help you find a perfect skirt or shawl.

Danseres Cassandra

Various Locations–group workshops upon request in Amsterdam West, private classes in her studio in Aalsmeer.

Tel: 06 10 745127
Website: www.danserescassandra.nl

The studio Danseres Cassandra is run by Cassandra who is experienced in many different kinds of dance as well as body shaping exercises. She specialises in Egyptian belly dancing, and believes that any woman (all ages, all body types) can learn belly dancing and gain the benefits of making her body smoother, stronger, and more elegant.


Laagte Kadijk 20, Centrum, Amsterdam
Tel: 020 624 79 74
Website: www.lijfwijs.nl

The teachers from the studio Lijfwijs believe that anyone can benefit from belly dancing whatever your sex, age or body type. Lessons are given in short workshops or in longer, ongoing classes. A large store is available to help you find just the right look. Additionally, Pilates, yoga and other exercise classes are available through Lijfwijs.

Indian dance

Indian Classical dance – Kuchipudi

Address: Jacob Boekestraat 6, 2152 AL, Nieuw Vennep
Tel: 0627123995
e-mail : [email protected]

Kuchipudi is a traditional dance from Southern India.  The ancient art form underwent refinement in the 20th century to be transformed into a vibrant and graceful dance form. A combination of stylised body movements, facial expressions, and narrative theatrical elements has resulted in a style which is characterised by fast rhythms, intricate and flowing movements, vivid expressions, as well as ‘sculpturesque’ poses. Kuchipudi is graceful as an art form and energetic as a form of physical activity. The benefits of learning Kuchipudi include toning of the body, suppleness of the limbs, rejuvenating the mind, and the skill of learning an art form.  Srividya and Yagna Mutnuri possess two decades experience in performing and teaching Kuchipudi. As well as conducting ongoing weekly classes, they present shorter sessions such as workshops and lecture demonstrations at educational and cultural organisations.

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