Emergency dental services

Emergency dental services in the Netherlands

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The chances that you have visited the dentist more than the recommended minimum once per year are small. When you do need one, however, it can be difficult to get an appointment in the Netherlands—even, and often especially, if it’s an emergency.

In the Netherlands, 80 percent of Dutch residents visit the dentist at least once per year. Many of these patients visit their personal dentists, and often these dentists treat the whole family. Even with a personal dentist, however, dental emergencies—a chipped or avulsed tooth, unrelenting pain or any other urgent situation—can be tough to receive immediate treatment for, as dentists in the Netherlands are often booked weeks in advance.

Dental365 Walk-in and Emergency Dentist, an emergency walk-in dental clinic with locations in Amsterdam and The Hague, explains urgent dental care in the Netherlands, and how you can receive immediate care when you need it.

How emergency dental care works in the Netherlands

If you have a regular dentist in the Netherlands and experience an emergency, it is recommended that you call the dentist immediately. However, because private practices are generally booked weeks in advance, they may not be able to see you that day. This can pose quite a problem for some emergencies: an avulsed tooth, for example, must be replanted as soon as possible, often within an hour, to ensure that it can be successfully reattached. If the dentist has no time to see you, the office may also recommend other dentists in the area or suggest that you go to an emergency dental clinic.

Outside of practicing hours—namely evenings and weekends—it is recommended that you call the spoedgevallendienst (emergency services). The answering machine will list the dentist available for urgent care. Dentists in the Netherlands are legally required to arrange emergency care outside of practicing hours, and various regions often collectively arrange these services in order to provide sufficient care.

However, in some emergency dental services, a dental emergency for you may not actually qualify as an urgent case for the dentist—often, only avulsed or broken teeth or excessive bleeding qualify as emergencies.

Of course, this is all dependent on the fact that you have a regular dentist in the Netherlands. Because dentist visits are generally only once or twice a year, and many people have had the same dentists since they were children, expats in the Netherlands may decide not to find a dentist in the Netherlands at all. Instead, they opt to instead travel back to their home countries in order to receive their yearly check-up, and for dental emergency they use an urgent care dental clinic in the Netherlands.

Emergency dental clinics

Emergency dental clinics

For those without a regular dentist or those with an emergency that doesn’t qualify, emergency dental clinics that specialise in this type of care have become more available. There are handful emergency clinics throughout the Netherlands, most of which are located within major cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam.

Emergency dental clinics often operate within normal working hours, so patients may find similar difficulties if the emergency occurs outside of these times. In addition, many of these locations require that you make an appointment before visiting the clinic; they can often see you that same day, but there may be a waiting period. Some emergency dental clinics, however, do not require an appointment and take walk-ins throughout the day.

As the rates for dental care services in the Netherlands are regulated by De Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit (NZa), emergency clinics must also charge the same rates; however, they may also attach separate fees for immediate service. Emergencies occurring outside of normal practicing hours may require a minimal surcharge.

A dental emergency is never a pleasant situation, especially as an expat. The rise in emergency dental clinics in the Netherlands has opened up new possibilities for expert care not only for expats, but for all Dutch residents.


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