Children's Education

Moving to the Netherlands with children? Choosing the right school for your kids might seem daunting, but our collection of expert guides to children's education in the Netherlands can help get you up to speed. From guides to international schools in Amsterdam to information on school holiday dates, you'll find everything you need to know.

Secondary school Netherlands

Secondary schools in the Netherlands

We explain the complex secondary school system in the Netherlands, including the three public streams and various international options.

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Cito toets

Cito toets: a guide to the Dutch primary school exams

Final year Dutch primary school pupils may have to sit the Dutch Cito exam in February. But what is the Cito exam and how does it affect a child’s academic future?

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Dutch education system

The education system in the Netherlands

This guide to education in the Netherlands explains each segment of the Dutch school system to help you enrol your child into Dutch education.

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Primary school Netherlands

Primary schools in the Netherlands

Confused by the primary school system in the Netherlands? We explain how it works, from educational approaches to international options.

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Childcare Netherlands

Childcare in the Netherlands

Raising a child the Dutch way? It’s never too early to consider your childcare options in the Netherlands, as this article explains.

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Preschool and daycare in the Netherlands

If you’re living in the Netherlands, learn more about the options available for childcare and preschool (peuterspeelzaal) in the Netherlands.

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Dutch daycare: Preparing expat kids for school

For expat parents in the Netherlands, sending your children to a Dutch daycare can be a great solution to prepare them for better integration, especially when it comes to learning Dutch before the school years.

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International school Netherlands

International schools in the Netherlands

Expat parents in search of quality education for their kids have many options of international schools in the Netherlands, from British to IB programs.

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Child benefits Netherlands

Child benefits in the Netherlands

You can claim different types of child benefits in the Netherlands, to help with the costs of child-rearing, schooling, and childcare.

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Dutch school holidays

School holidays in the Netherlands: 2023 and 2024

Need to know when your child is off school? Here are the 2022 and 2023 dates for Dutch school holidays to help you out.

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