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Last update on June 08, 2021

Tennis, squash, fitness classes, or pumping iron? There’s a wealth of exercise facilities out there across Luxembourg. Here’s where to find them.

Improving your fitness

By spending at least 30 minutes a day on physical exercise, you will feel the benefits very quickly because exercise helps to:

  • increase your energy levels
  • control your weight
  • reduce stress
  • improve sleep patterns

If you keep up your exercise routine over a long period then your risk of some health problems is reduced, for example, heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and many other conditions.

Gyms and sports facilities

Below is a listing of health and fitness clubs in Luxembourg. For more information, such as opening hours, class schedules, parking and creche availability, visit the club websites or call for details.

CK Fitness Center

Fitness clubs including personal training, coaching, group courses (yoga, indoor cycling, pilates)

Boulevard Hubert Clement, L-4064 Esch-sur-Alzette
Tel: 57 28 80 -20

De Muskelkueder

Body Building and Fitness club with boxing and body pump lessons. No membership required.

23 Rue des Genets, L-1621 Luxembourg
Tel: 48 18 18

Ellipse Fitness & Wellness

Fitness & wellness club with spa and personal trainers.

33 Avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxembourg
Tel: 26 00 80 42

Existence Health Center

Health and fitness club.

Findel Business Center – Complex B, Route de Treves, L-2632 Luxembourg
Tel: 27 84 88 28

Fitness Academy Club

Fitness centre in Ettelbruck.

7-9 Rue Prince Henri, L-9047 Ettelbruck
Tel: 26 81 19 19

Fitness Center Malibu Gym

Fitness, body-building, tanning studio and sports nutrition.

58 Rue Pasteur, L-4276 Esch-sur-Alzette
Tel: 26 54 30 98

Fitness Center Workout

Fitness center, bodybuilding, aerobics, tae bo, step, boxing, sauna.

1 Rue du Walebroch, L-9291 Diekirch
Tel: 80 21 10

Fitness Lounge

Fitness club with spinning lessons, sauna and complete CV equipment.

4 Fuussekaul, L-9156 Heiderscheid
Tel: 26 88 97 43

Flirty Fitness

Exclusively for women. Not just a fitness club, also a social club.

25 Avenue de la Gare, L-1611 Luxembourg
Tel: 691 188 318

GetFit.lu Personal Training Studio

Drop a Dress Size in 30 Days Guaranteed. Train in privacy and comfort with your own personal coach in our private studio.

30 Rue des Romains, L-8041 Strassen
Tel: 621 226 585

Jack’s Gym

Body-building club with all equipment.

281 Route de Thionville, L-5885 Hesperange
Tel: 26 36 06 30


Jazz and fitness studio with spinning and various dance lessons. Scandinavian languages and Russian also spoken.

31A Rue du Kiem, L-1857 Luxembourg
Tel: 42 05 89

Just Move

Large fitness club with CV and resistance equipment, dance lessons, sauna and solarium. Creche available on selected days.

71 Rue de Merl, L-2146 Luxembourg
Tel: 45 47 98

Lady Fitness

Ladies only fitness club with various classes, all CV equipment and beauty centre.

132 Route d’Arlon, L-8008 Strassen
Tel: 26 31 10 39

Mondorf Le Club

Fitness and wellness club. Spa, squash, rock climbing, Mondorf club offers many facilities for all ages and levels.

Avenue des Bains, L-5601 Mondorf-les-Bains
Tel: 23 666 – 655 fitness, 23 666 – 800 spa

Olymp Fitness Studio

Fitness club with lessons and various equipment.

20 Rue des Remparts, L-6477 Echternach
Tel: 72 00 33

Pain World

Fitness club without membership fees. Lessons and assistance by pros.

18 Rue Christophe Plantin, L-2339 Luxembourg
Tel: 26 64 99 65

Passage Fitness First – Bereldange

Health and Fitness club. Fitness classes, outdoor spinning.

111 Route de Luxembourg, L-7241 Bereldange
Tel: 26 33 21 78

Passage Fitness First – Foetz

Health and fitness club.

11 Route de Brill, L-3898 Foetz
Tel: 26 55 69-1

Passage Fitness First – Luxembourg Station

Health and Fitness club with all equipment.

19-21 Rue de Hollerich, L-1741 Luxembourg
Tel: 26 17 72-1

Passage Fitness First – Sandweiler

Health and Fitness Club. Fitness lessons and kid’s corner for children.

11 Auf der Hohkaul, L-5230 Sandweiler
Tel: 26 15 20-1

The Gym

Health and fitness club. Spinning, classes, massages, solarium, saunas. Personal trainers.

27 Rue du puits romain, L-8070 Bertrange
Tel: 26 31 01 05


Physical training centre with CV and resistance equipment.

Rue de Bettembourg, L-3378 Livange
Tel: 26 51 14 34