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Moving to France but can't speak French? Learning the local language will not only make you feel a lot more comfortable in your new home, it'll also make everyday life much easier. Improve your language skills with our expert guides to language learning in France and you'll be speaking like a local before you know it.

Académie Française

An introduction to the Académie Française

France is world-famous for being protective of its language but have you ever wondered who is the guarde rapproché of the French language?

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French language

The French language

Learn more about the history, geography and grammar of the French language, as well as how and why you should learn it.

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French food phrases

French food phrases

Why might you go cook an egg or mind your own onions? Amaze your friends with these wonderful French food phrases.

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French expressions

French expressions and how to use them

Learn how to speak like a local by learning these common French expressions that verge on being humorous and offensive.

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French terms of endearment

Cute, romantic, and obscure French terms of endearment

When it comes to cute and romantic French terms of endearment, French speakers know how to call those they love – sometimes a bit raunchily.

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Vous French

When to use vous or tu in French

Not knowing when to use the formal ‘vous’ or the informal ‘tu’ can lead to some tricky situations – particularly when meeting your partner’s parents.

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French language school

French language schools

Looking to learn French in France or before you move? Here’s all you need to know about French language schools, courses, apps, and more.

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French words

Untranslatable French words that have no English equivalent

Some common French words don’t exist in English, but knowing them will help you settle into the country and culture.

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French phrases

French phrases you need to survive in France

Why might you go cook an egg or mind your own onions? Amaze your friends with these wonderful French phrases.

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French slang

The humor of French slang

To help you master the French language, here’s a list of our favorite commonplace French slang expressions that sound funny when translated.

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