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Spanish mortgage

A guide to Spanish mortgages

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If you plan to buy Spanish property, see what expat mortgages are available to foreigners in Spain and what you need to apply for a Spanish mortgage.

Property in Spain

Buying a Spanish property


Factors to be aware of when buying Spanish property include property scams, high capital gains tax, and fluctuations in the Spanish property market.

Top tips for buying property abroad

Top 5 tips for buying a house abroad


Reduce the risk of legal pitfalls and bad property investments with this guide to buying property abroad.

Energy regulations for houses to rent in Spain

Understanding EPC housing regulations in Spain


The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is mandatory for Spanish properties that are for sale or rent from the 1 June 2013. Here's a guide to what your property requires.

Relocating in Spain

10 things to do before moving out of your apartment in Spain


Here are some practical tips for moving out of your apartment in Spain, from terminating your lease to forwarding your post.

Top 10 mistakes made when buying a house abroad


If you want to buy property abroad, read these 10 common mistakes made by real estate investors to avoid making similar costly mistakes.

Thinking of renovating or building a Spanish 'campo'?


If you're thinking of buying a Spanish rural property, you should consider the following points from someone who has been there and failed dismally.

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