Working in Germany
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Starting a business

Start your own business or set up as a freelancer in Germany


To work as a freelancer or set up your own small business in Germany, there are several registrations and permits you need before starting your business in Germany.

Benefits of offshore companies

Offshore companies in Germany


Consider the benefits of setting up an offshore company by registering, establishing or incorporating your business outside your country of residence.

Starting a business

Tips for starting a business in Germany


If you are setting up a business in Germany, here's a guide on market opportunities and how to navigate German regulations for foreigners starting a business in Germany.

Social media for business

Tips for using social media for business

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Expatica poll results: How and why Expatica readers use social media for business, plus some expert tips.

Working online

How to work with 'virtual' colleagues


Communication across cultures can be difficult to manage when working online. Ruby Carlino outlines how to successfully work with virtual colleagues across the globe.

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