Society & History

Immerse yourself in Austria’s society by learning about its rich history, its attitudes towards religion and diversity, and its most famous inventions.

Austria sports

Popular sports in Austria

Ready to get active? Or maybe just watch the action from your sofa? Then check out our guide to popular sports in Austria for inspiration.

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History of Austria

A brief history of Austria

If you’re moving to Austria, it might be a good idea to get a primer on your new country’s legacy. This concise history of Austria will help.

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Austrian government

The Austrian government and political system

From the main political parties and electoral system to the judiciary system and economy, we explain the Austrian government and politics.

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Family Austria

Parenting and family life in Austria

From family values and parenting styles to schooling, childcare, and more, we offer insight into family life in Austria.

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Austrian etiquette

Austrian etiquette and culture

From greetings and conversation points to gender roles and fashion, we explain what to expect when it comes to Austrian etiquette.

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Work life balance Austria

Work-life balance in Austria

From general working hours to parental leave and everything in between, we explain how to achieve a great work-life balance in Austria.

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Austria religion

Religion in Austria

From Christianity to Islam and everything in between, we provide an overview of religion in Austria for those looking to call it home.

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Nationalfeiertag, Austria’s National Day

Find out everything you need to know about Austria’s National Day (Nationalfeiertag) with our handy guide.

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Gay marriage Austria

Gay marriage in Austria

From laws and attitudes towards gay marriage in Austria to tying the knot and registering a partnership, we explain all you need to know.

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Austrian people

An introduction to Austrian people

From social etiquette and shared values to popular hobbies and attitudes towards work, we provide a general overview of Austrian people.

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Austrian movies

Books and films about Austria to check out before you move

Moving to Austria? Before you jump into expat life, check out these Austrian movies and books for a cultural primer on the country.

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