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Navigate Austria's government and legal system like a pro: get crucial information about your rights, governance, justice, and social security.

Austria holidays

Public holidays in Austria in 2024 and 2025

Living in Austria? Here are all the public holidays in Austria in 2024 and 2025, as well as other important dates to mark in your calendar.

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Austrian government

The Austrian government and political system

From the main political parties and electoral system to the judiciary system and economy, we explain the Austrian government and politics.

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Human rights in Austria

Civil and human rights in Austria

This complete guide to civil and human rights in Austria offers a political, social, and cultural overview for expats looking to move there.

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Social security Austria

Social security in Austria

From unemployment benefits and pensions to childcare allowance and more, we explain all you need to know about social security in Austria.

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Austria emergency number

Emergency numbers and services in Austria

We outline every emergency number and service you need to know about should you need help while living in Austria.

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A police officer stands with his arms folded

The legal system and crime in Austria

From reporting a crime to understanding your rights as an expat, here is all you need to know about the legal system and crime in Austria.

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Austria coronavirus

Coronavirus in Austria: COVID-19 information and support

Stay up to date with coronavirus in Austria with our guide to COVID-19 restrictions, testing, vaccination schedules, and more.

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Austria LGBT

LGBTQ+ rights in Austria

From same-sex marriage and parenting rights to societal attitudes and media representation, we explore LGBT+ rights in Austria.

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Women's rights in Austria

Women’s rights in Austria

From gender equality and political and economic rights to family and divorce law, we review all there is to know about women’s rights in Austria. When considering moving to a new country, it’s natural to want to know about its stance on human and civil rights; as well as the rights of specific demographics such […]

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