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Emergency numbers and services in Austria

From the fire brigade to the homeless shelter, this list of emergency numbers and services in Austria will help you in any sticky situation.

Austria emergency number

Updated 19-4-2024

If you have a life-threatening emergency, you can call the Europe-wide number 112. If your situation is less urgent, there are a wide range of other numbers and useful helplines that offer support.

Here’s what you should know about Austrian emergency services: 

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Emergency services in Austria

Austria has a strong emergency service and response sector. The country has its own fire brigade, police force, and ambulance service. There are also emergency services for things like poisoning, psychiatry, mountain rescue, and service disruptions (e.g., water, electricity, and heating).

fire services respond to emergency number use in Vienna

Austrian emergency services use the same types of response vehicles as you would expect to see in other countries, including ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars. However, they may be in different colors and have sirens you may not be used to.

Being such a safe country, the Austrian emergency numbers don’t get used much. For instance, in 2018, only 19% of calls to the 112 number were from Austria; one of the lowest in Europe.

Fire services in Austria

The fire brigade – or Feuerwehr – is part of the Austria Fire Brigade Association. Firefighting is a public organization, however, in practice, local municipalities or licensed companies actually carry it out. There are over 4,550 volunteer fire brigades in the country. However, Vienna and most other cities – including Salzburg, Graz, and Innsbruck – have full-time professional fire brigades. 

The Austria emergency number for the fire brigade is 122 and is available 24 hours a day.

Police in Austria

The Directorate-General for Public Security oversees the police. This is part of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. Since 2005, the federal police – the Bundespolizei – includes the gendarmerie, local police, criminal investigative services, and constabulary. As such, the police system has nine state police commands; one in each Austrian state. It also includes over 20,000 police officers in more than 1,000 stations. 

The police mainly deal with crime and disruptions to public order. However, they also oversee sanitation, building inspection, and crowd control at events.

The emergency number for the Austrian police is 133. For non-emergency services, however, you should call your local police station. 

Healthcare and accidents in Austria 

Austria has a robust medical and healthcare system. So, if you’re feeling sick and need medical attention, you can easily access a doctor. However, for immediate help, call 141 – the line for an emergency doctor.

In the case of serious medical emergencies or accidents, you should get in touch with the local emergency medical service – the Rettungsdienst. To do this, call the ambulance service number (144) which operates 24 hours a day. They will provide first aid on the scene, and then take you to the nearest medical facility. 

An ambulance in Vienna, Austria

However, for help with poisoning, you need to call the poison control hotline. The Austrian number for poisoning is 01 406 43 43.

Emergency numbers for deaf and hearing-impaired people

The deaf service of the police can be reached at 0800 133 133.

Those who are deaf or hearing-impaired can use the phone app DEC112 to contact the police, ambulance, fire brigade, and mountain rescue with a text-based emergency call. 

The app also allows you to send a silent emergency call if a voice or text-based emergency call is not possible, for example, due to violence in the private sphere. To do so, your exact address must be stored in the app or entered in the chat.

Mental health services in Austria

In Austria, mental health is a serious concern. Because of this, the country has an emergency psychiatric hotline – 01 313 30. There’s also a suicide prevention hotline which you can reach at 01 713 3374.

For general mental health services, however, you can contact one of the services below:

  • Interventionsstelle Wien – provides free mental health support and counseling, and can assist in cases of domestic violence and stalking; 01 585 32 88
  • Praxispan – find a mental health expert that speaks your language and takes your insurance; 01 515 010
  • Psyonline – access psychotherapists in your area
  • RATaufDraht – a hotline for kids and teens

Drug and alcohol services in Austria

Austria has many drug and alcohol treatment centers. However, drug and alcohol addiction is not an emergency. In case of an overdose, you should call an ambulance service. Nevertheless, both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have chapters in Austria. These can be a good first stop for addiction. 

In addition, the Anton Proksch Institut in Vienna has a good program for addiction and can be another useful resource. Also in Vienna, Parachute is a well-known residential treatment center. 

Children, family, and youth services in Austria

Vienna’s Child and Youth Welfare Service protects young people in the city. However, the service provides many family services, too. They can be reached at 01 4000 80 11. However, this is not an emergency number. 

child getting counseling in Austria

There are also specific services for women, for example, the Vienna Women’s Affairs department. Because it works closely with women, the department has a female staff of lawyers, political scientists, social workers, psychologists, and other experts. In addition, they run a 24-hour emergency hotline for victims of domestic abuse; the number is 01 717 19.

Crime-related services in Austria 

You should report crimes using the Austrian emergency number for the police. However, there are several other organizations that deal with other types of crime. This includes radicalization, cybercrime, and hate crimes.

For instance, Beratungsstelle (#GegenHassimNetz) is an Austria-wide counseling service that deals in cybercrimes, hate crimes, violent extremism, and cyberbullying. The hotline number is 01 236 5534.

In addition, parents who are worried that their child is at risk of being radicalized or displaying extremist tendencies can contact Beratungsstelle Estremismus (Boja). They can be reached at 0800 2020 44.

Utility and telecommunications services in Austria

Each city in Austria has an emergency number for its local public utility and telecommunications service. In general, for phone, internet, and electricity issues, you need to contact your service provider directly. However, you can report emergencies with public infrastructure to the local office.

Road and traffic emergency services in Austria

There is only one number for road and traffic emergencies in Austria: 120. This goes to the ÖAMTC, which deals with any incidents on Austrian roads.

Of course, if you are driving in Austria and come across a medical emergency, you should also call 112 or an ambulance. 

Homelessness services in Austria

Austria has many protections in place to fight homelessness. As a result, Vienna has many safe houses for those who find themselves without shelter.

The Vienna Social Fund has 150 partner organizations to help the city’s residents with home care, disabilities, and homelessness. In addition, the fund has mother-child houses in Vienna so that families can stay together. Similarly, they can assist refugees in vulnerable situations. The organization’s number is 01 24 5 24 and it is active every day, from 08:00 to 20:00.

Homeless people in Vienna

Part of the Catholic Church, Caritas Wien, also offers housing support in Vienna. It helps anyone, regardless of their social, religious, or ethnic background. To contact them, call 01 878 12 0.

Animal services in Austria

Austria has tough animal protection laws in place. Because of this, residents cannot engage in animal cruelty or kill animals. The animal welfare hotline in Austria is 01 4000 8060. You can also reach out to the Vienna Animal Welfare Society or the Austrian Animal Welfare Society for assistance.

Embassies and services for foreign nationals in Austria

Any tourist or foreigner who runs into problems while in Austria should call 112 or the appropriate emergency hotline.

Austria is a major diplomatic hub for central Europe, housing over 100 embassies and more than 200 consulates; you can find a complete list of embassies and consulates in Austria on EmbassyPages.

Some of the most relevant embassies for foreign residents and tourists in Austria include:

  • Germany: The Embassy of Germany in Vienna is located at Gauermanngasse 2–4. Their phone number is +43 1 711 54 0. Germany also maintains Consulates in Bregenz, Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, and Salzburg.
  • Netherlands: The Embassy of the Netherlands in Vienna is located at Opernring 5. Their phone number is +43 1 589 39 0. The Netherlands also has Consulates in Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, and Salzburg.
  • Romania: The Embassy of Romania in Vienna is located at Prinz Eugen-Straße 60. Their phone number is +43 1 505 32 27. Romania also maintains Consulates in Eisenstadt, Graz, Klagenfurt, Linz, Salzburg, and St. Pölten.
  • Serbia: The Embassy of Serbia in Vienna is located at Gumpendorferstrasse 83. Their phone number is +43 1 544 75 85. Serbia also has Consulates in Graz and Salzburg.
  • Switzerland: The Embassy of Switzerland in Vienna is located at Prinz Eugen-Straße 9a. Their phone number is +43 1 795 05. Switzerland also maintains Consulates in Graz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Linz, and Salzburg.

Lost or stolen property in Austria

If you have lost something while in Austria, you may need to make some calls to report high-value items and cancel any cards. You may also need to make a report at the local police station.

If you have lost a bank or credit card, you will need to speak to your bank or credit card company. You can find the right number on the back of your card or on the company website. 

If you have lost your passport or other government ID, you will need to report this to your local embassy. They will then issue temporary identification documents and help with getting you new ones. 

European-wide emergency numbers

You can use the Europe-wide 112 number to report an emergency in Austria. However, it is often better to use the relevant Austrian emergency number, as the response time will be faster. 

Emergency terms and phrases in Austria

Although English is widely spoken in Austria, it can be helpful to know a few emergency phrases in the local dialect, which is similar to German.

Help meHilfe mich
I can’t breatheIch kann nicht atmen
(Severely) allergic(Stark) Allergisch
Extremely illSchrecklich krank
Call 911/999Rufe eins eins zwei
I need a doctorIch brauche einen Arzt (oder Arztin)
I need an ambulanceIch brauche einer Ambulanz
I need the policeIch brauche der Polizei
I want a lawyerIch will einen Anwalt
I’m innocentIch bin unschuldig
I didn’t do itIch habe das nicht getan

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