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Last update on June 11, 2020

Living in South Africa? Here’s a list of all the South African public holidays you need to know in 2020, as well as other important dates to make a note of on your calendar.

Whether you’re living in South Africa or just visiting, it’s important to note the dates of South Africa’s holidays. This is because many public institutions and companies close on these days.

To ensure you don’t miss out on anything important, our guide puts together a list of South Africa’s public holidays as well as important dates for your calendar.

Introduction to South African public holidays

Public holidays in South Africa are generally referred to as bank holidays. There are 12 annual South African bank holidays as determined by the Public Holidays Act. When holidays in South Africa fall on a Sunday, the following Monday is typically given as a public holiday.

Here is a list of public holidays in South Africa in 2020 including other important South African holidays.

South African public holidays 2020

  • Wednesday, 1 January: New Year’s Day
  • Saturday, 21 March: Human Rights Day
  • Friday, 10 April: Good Friday
  • Monday, 13 April: Family Day
  • Monday, 27 April: Freedom Day
  • Friday, 1 May: Workers Day
  • Tuesday, 16 June: Youth Day
  • Sunday, 9 August: National Women’s Day
  • Monday, 10 August: National Women’s Day holiday
  • Thursday, 24 September: Heritage Day
  • Wednesday, 16 December: Day of Reconciliation
  • Friday, 25 December: Christmas Day
  • Monday, 28 December: Day of Goodwill

Other important holidays

  • Sunday, 10 May: Mother’s Day
  • Sunday, 21 June: Father’s Day
  • Saturday, 18 July: Nelson Mandela Day – events run throughout July

There are no daylight saving time changes in South Africa; unlike other countries, the clock remains the same throughout the year.

South African school holidays

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