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Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cape Town

Discover the best things to do and what to avoid in Cape Town during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

New Years Eve Cape Town

By CapePortfolios

Updated 16-1-2024

South Africa’s Mother City, Cape Town, is full of exquisite attractions and unreal places of interest. Very soon, this year will be a thing of the past, and as the new year comes closer, both travelers and residents have already started searching for a location in which to celebrate.

Cape Town has plenty of clubs and pubs, hotels, and party venues; so thankfully, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. As for the attractions, here’s a comprehensive list including some of the city’s best places of interest.

Cape of Good Hope (Cape Point)

After the New Year party, most stores and commercial places will be closed for a few days; this means you have a great opportunity to explore Cape Town’s natural wonderlands. Start with Cape Point, which sits at the southwestern end of Africa. The captivating scenery and superb landscapes have remained the same for centuries. The sandy beaches, rugged coastline, mountains, and valleys are a true haven for cyclists, hikers, and joggers. It’s such a great place to admire mostly because of its fantastic allure and rugged appeal.

Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

The superb V&A Waterfront should also be part of your itinerary. The dock area is a hot travel spot because the atmosphere of the place is always buzzing. There are plenty of interesting things you can do here, including taking a boat trip to the acclaimed Robben Island, once a prison and now a cultural museum. With an annual number of 23 million international travelers, the Waterfront is one of the most visited attractions in South Africa. Apart from the natural scenery and beautiful wildlife, you’ll find all kinds of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, and taverns here.

Avoid the harbor on 1 January though, because everything will probably be closed. However, starting from 2 January, the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront once again will be full of welcoming people, plenty of tourists, and lots of entertainment opportunities. Can you handle the madness?

Kirstenbosch Gardens

Cape Town is famous for its abundant fauna and flora too, not just for its nightlife. The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens for instance, are an excellent spot to check out during your trip. The all-natural reserve is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the whole world. There’s also a conservatory and a souvenir shop onsite, if you want to buy gifts for your loved ones. Nearly 9,000 plant species populate the gardens. Prepare yourself for the enthralling fragrance of the flowers from the moment you step in.

The Diamond Museum

And now it’s time for something different. Although Cape Town is overflowing with exquisite wildlife and unreal natural reserves, the city offers so much more than that. The Diamond Museum for example, is one of its hidden attractions. It is located at the Clock Tower Precinct, near the V&A Waterfront and the whole ensemble of diamonds was a gift from a famous jeweler. The non-profit organization’s purpose is to make people value the cultural meaning of a diamond as well, not just its monetary value. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend; so if you want to take your wife someplace nice and romantic, the Diamond Museum is an excellent choice.

Green Point Urban Park

Cape Town’s Green Point Park was recently redeveloped and reinstated. The fauna and flora of this natural wonder is kept alive by the streams of Table Mountain. The rivers maintain the park’s humidity, and thus the whole biodiversity thrives. Onsite, travelers will come across all sorts of indigenous plants, lots of rare birds, insects, and animals. After the New Year party, having a relaxing picnic with the family in Green Point Park is exactly what you need.

Cape Town doesn’t have uninteresting attractions. Each and every corner of the city is special and unique in its very own way. The Table Mountain National Park is the city’s virtual guardian, while the natural landscapes beautify the surroundings and make them irresistible to travelers and locals alike. The abundant vegetation and wealth of attractions will make you want to move to Cape Town. If you’re really trying to make some changes for your new year, maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all.