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Mortgage South Africa

Getting a mortgage in South Africa


Rules for home loans in South Africa may differ to those of your home country. Get to know the mortgage rates and other details associated with taking a mortgage in South Africa with this guide.

Cities in South Africa

Which of the cities in South Africa should you live in?


There are nine provinces in the country for expats to choose from which doesn't make choosing where to live in South Africa easy. Helping you narrow down the selection, this guide takes a brief look at some of the main cities in South Africa along with South African security.

Buying property in South Africa

Buying a house in South Africa


If you're planning to buy a house in South Africa, these expert tips and overview of costs can help you prepare for buying property in South Africa.

Top tips for buying property abroad

Top 5 tips for buying a house abroad


Reduce the risk of legal pitfalls and bad property investments with this guide to buying property abroad.

Real estate agents in South Africa

Tips for finding the right estate agents in South Africa

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Buying a property in South Africa? Here are few tips to help you locate the right estate agents in South Africa.

Top 10 mistakes made when buying a house abroad


If you want to buy property abroad, read these 10 common mistakes made by real estate investors to avoid making similar costly mistakes.

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