Working in Portugal
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Portuguese CV

Writing a Portuguese CV and preparing for an interview in Portuguese


Be successful in finding employment in Portugal with this guide that talks you through the nuances of writing a Portuguese CV and cover letter, with the aim of preparing for an interview in Portuguese.

Find a job in Portugal

Work in Portugal: Finding a job in Portugal


If you're looking to work in Portugal, here's a guide on how to find a job in Portugal and requirements for Portuguese work permits.

Let's do it

6 things you must do before attending a job fair


Good preparation can maximise your opportunities at job fairs. Stand out from the crowd using these six steps to improve your chances of finding a job.

Jobs in Lisbon

Work in Portugal: Jobs in Lisbon


Find jobs in Lisbon with this guide on the current job market and vacancies, Portuguese work permits, and where to look for jobs in Lisbon.

Work abroad

Travelling jobs: Unpacking your career


If you're living abroad because your partner is, continuing your career isn't always easy. Nor is finding a job abroad. Here are some tips on creating a job you can take with you.

Culturally correct CVs for working abroad


When you're looking for work abroad, it's vital to have an international CV that crosses borders.

Work abroad: Operation Job Seeker


You've said goodbye to friends and packed an extra pair of socks before moving abroad. But once you land, what will you do about finding a job?

Work in Spain

Women on international assignment: An evolutionary perspective


Women need to work abroad to improve their international career prospects, but the challenge is finding a job abroad in the first place.

Find a job on LinkedIn with targeted networking

How to create a targeted network on LinkedIn


To help you find a job with targeted networking on LinkedIn, consultant Christian Pielow outlines seven steps to get you started.

Teaching abroad

Act now if you want to teach abroad

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Most international schools hire teachers for the new academic year as early as January to March, so you need to apply early if you want to teach abroad.

Teaching abroad

Should you consider teaching abroad?

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There are many benefits to teaching abroad, and the growing number of international schools worldwide means there are many teaching jobs available abroad.

Work in Portugal

Work in Portugal: The Portuguese labour market


Thinking of moving to Portugual to work? Here is a brief overview of the current labour market to help you find a job in Portugal.

Jobs in Portugal

Expat guide: Employment in Portugal


Our brief introduction to the employment section for Portugal includes guidelines on setting up a business, finding a job and Portuguese management culture.

Making the most of networking opportunities

7 costly mistakes to avoid when networking


John B Fisher, Founder of Business for Breakfast, shares expert tips for making the most of networking opportunities.

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