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Last update on June 04, 2020

Eindhoven was dubbed the smartest in the world in recent years but also has loads of cultural, sporting, shopping, and housing appeal for expats that want to live in Eindhoven.

Well connected and close to many hi-tech multinationals, Eindhoven has a selective business and design expat community, explains housing specialist Stoit Group.

Living in Eindhoven

Philips and Eindhoven go hand-in-hand but the city and surrounds have a lot more to offer, as many expats have already discovered. The region accounts for around half of the country’s research and development investment and is officially known as Brainport.

Aimed to be among the top 10 regions by 2020 in terms of technology and economy, this southeast area is a hub for start-up companies and employment opportunities. The creation of the collaborative Brainport Talent Centre (www.talentbox.nl) helps place skilled workers in international companies. Eindhoven is well connected with the railway station close to the centre and the airport 3km away has good international access and serviced by low-cost airlines.

Expats in Eindhoven

Today, thanks to hi-tech and multinational employers, there’s a large community of expats in Eindhoven. Eindhoven also has a world-class Technical University and the Design Academy Eindhoven which attract many international students.

There’s vibrant nightlife along Stratumseind – the Netherland’s longest café and bar strip – but also strong links to the nearby countryside and extensive sporting facilities. Phillips has sinced moved several operations to Amsterdam. The renovation of the former Philips terrain, Strijp-S, is adding an extra dimension of cultural, residential and commercial facilities to the city.

Housing in Eindhoven

Until the arrival of Dr Philips in 1891, Eindhoven was not much more than a collection of villages. Because of 19th-century urban planning decisions, there are no canals, and pre-1940 architecture was destroyed by wartime bombing. But over the years things have changed immensely and for the better.

The centre of Eindhoven is popular especially for people seeking apartment housing in Eindhoven. Many expat families choose to live in the villages that surround this industrial city, where housing tends to be larger and with more green space.

Housing in Eindhoven
Eindhoven centre

Access to Eindhoven centre is easy through a good road system, and the area is well connected to other cities via train and plane, so looking at housing surrounding Eindhoven is a viable option.

Where to live in Eindhoven

Living in Eindhoven Centre

People living in the centre have plenty of facilities, including a shopping mall and scores of international restaurants. Accommodation is mainly in new, pricey apartments, which are popular with single expats and couples without children. International schools (attended by children from Den Bosch and Tilburg) and the PSV football stadium are also located here.

North Eindhoven (Woensel)

The area north of the centre is divided by wide, tree-lined boulevards, and is mainly residential in nature. Housing is mostly newbuild with apartments and terraced houses for all budgets. Woensel South is cheaper and there’s a great market for ethnic shopping.

East Eindhoven

Situated around the Karpendonkse Lake and Eckart Forest, the area has a range of housing including some exclusive detached properties.

South Eindhoven

Eindhoven Phillips
A symbol of Eindhoven: Evoluon, a conference centre and former science museum, was erected by Philips

The Philips High-Tech Campus is situated at Gestel along with the International Primary School, the Open-air Museum and the Tongelreep International Swimming Complex. Expats also gravitate towards Stratum, with its wide range of modestly priced to exclusive housing.

Eindhoven real estate in surrounding villages

The villages closely surrounding Eindhoven’s centre are popular with expat families. Some international schools in the Netherlands are still within cycling distance and the sense of community is greater.

Nuenen was home to Vincent van Gogh (1883–1885) and the older centre stretches around a leafy village green. There’s some detached housing; outer areas are newer and mid-priced.

Veldhoven is virtually a southwest suburb (the other side of the A2 from Eindhoven). Housing is modern and in a range of price bands.

Best is a contemporary, well-planned village with good access, while more rural retreats can be found in Waalre, which is surrounded by large areas of forest.

Expats Eindhoven
Queen’s celebrations in Eindhoven

The twin towns of Son and Breugel are usually mentioned in a single breath, and popular with expats. Son has a pleasant old centre but the majority of housing is located in newer, greener (and more expensive) districts.

Eindhoven population and links

Eindhoven facts

  • 7,100: the amount of students enrolled at the Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • 1982: the year the archaeological open-air Eindhoven Museum was created focusing on relics found in the country from the Iron Age and Middle Ages.
  • 1,000: the square metres of the Parktheater stage in Eindhoven, one of the largest stages in the country for music and performing arts.
  • 33.3: the highest percentage of public green area in the country is in Eindhoven.
  • 26: the date in February 2017 when the traditional Dutch Carnival celebrations take over the city.
  • 2011: the year Eindhoven was dubbed the smartest city in the world by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) in New York, meaning the region makes best use of ICT and broadband internet.
  • 2013: the year Forbes named Eindhoven the world’s most inventive city (based on patents issued).

Eindhoven tourism

Get an idea about the Eindhoven tourism from the tourism board‘s promotional video on Eindoven.

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