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Last update on 22/08/2022
Carol Moore Written by Carol Moore

If you’re looking for traditional stamppot or a hearty stew to warm the cockles after a cold day, we’ve found the top five Dutch restaurants in Amsterdam.

The Dutch cuisine in the Netherlands faces a lot of flak for being plain and simple for the international palate. But there are a number of Dutch restaurants in Amsterdam that prove those assumptions wrong.

Whether you’re looking for traditional stamppot, a hearty stew to warm the cockles after a cold day, or bitterballen, a deep-fried meat snack that is oh-so addictive when paired with a beer, we’ve found some great places for you to try.

De Silveren Spiegel

De Silveren Spiegel brings a touch of class to Amsterdam’s culinary scene. This Dutch restaurant dates back to the 17th century during the Golden Age. Offering a tasting menu served by an exceptionally knowledgeable staff, this opulent eating establishment offers a real treat.

Canal near De Silveren Spiegel restaurant in Amsterdam

Address: Kattengat 4-6, 1012 SZ Amsterdam
Price range: €14.50–€92.50

D’Vijff Vlieghen

D’Vijff Vlieghen offers a sumptuous dining experience with lavish décor including some original Rembrandt paintings and Delft Blue tiles. A la carte dining offers delicacies ranging from oxtail croquette to smoked goose, and there are differently styled rooms in which this delicious Dutch cuisine is served.

Dutch cuisine in Amsterdam

Address: Spuistraat 294-302, 1012 VX Amsterdam
Price range: €9.00–€80.00

Haesje Claes

This large restaurant has seven rooms of various sizes; the smallest offers space for 16 people, while the largest fits up to 66 people. The name Haesje Claes derives from a lady who, in the year 1520, founded the first orphanage in Amsterdam. Nowadays, you can sample the delights of a seasonal Dutch menu that features specialty items such as the famed white asparagus and mussels from Zeeland.

Rooftops of Haesje Claes Dutch restaurant in Amsterdam

Address: Spuistraat 273-275, 1012 VR Amsterdam
Price range: €7.25–€29.50


Moeders, which means “mothers” in Dutch, is a cosy, welcoming restaurant that combines top service with delicious traditional Dutch specialities. Enjoy dishes such as stamppot, a mash of potatoes, vegetables and sometimes meat, as well as erwtensoep, a green pea soup with hearty pieces of bacon. Reserve a table in advance – though it’s been around for more than 25 years, this place shows no signs of its popularity waning.

Moeders Dutch restaurant in Amsterdam

Address: Rozengracht 251, 1016 SX Amsterdam
Price range: €5.50–€21.50

Café Loetje

Café Loetje is a concept restaurant, whose original location is just outside the trendy De Pijp neighbourhood. What was once a billiards café is now a very successful and popular eatery serving amazing beef tenderloin and other steaks at various locations around Amsterdam. Most locations feature sprawling terraces, where you can sit for hours in the summer months watching the world go by.

Address: Various locations across Amsterdam
Price range: €4.75-€32.75