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Last update on November 18, 2019
Written by Helen Maynardhill

Introducing Qi Kwan Do, a practical and easy to learn self-defence course which uses economy of motion and flowing movements to achieve effective results, and where to follow a course in English in Amsterdam.

If ‘Martial Arts’ conjures up images of small boys balancing on rocks being told to “wax on, wax off” again by a wise old Chinese man, or of breaking bricks with your forehead, then Amsterdam Qi Kwan Do class will come as a surprise to you!

Qi Kwan Do is a practical and easy to learn self-defence course which uses economy of motion and flowing movements to achieve effective results.

This practical self-defence programme can be learned no matter what your experience, gender, age, strength, or build. Taught in a friendly, English-language environment, every student goes at their own pace according to their personal skills, abilities and goals.

Different strokes for different folks

Some come to learn a martial art and self-defence, others to get fit and gain confidence or simply to let off steam and de-stress.

“I’ve been looking for just this kind of class for years,” says Robert Allen, a student at the Qi Kwan Do school who teaches at the University of Amsterdam. “We train in a friendly atmosphere and I can really see the progression in my technique from week to week. Helen is an excellent teacher and the classes work in such a way that you train to your current ability while always striving to improve your level and prepare for the next belt. The fact that the classes are taught in English is definitely a plus for me as it means I never feel like I’m missing something important and I can ask questions if I don’t understand. I’d recommend this class to anyone who is interested in martial arts or who just wants to improve their overall physical condition.”

Helen Maynard-Hill, the Chief Instructor at the Amsterdam Qi Kwan Do School, has been training for nine years and earned her Black Belt three years ago. Helen moved to the Netherlands for work and has not looked back since. “As I am a small woman, I started doing Qi Kwan Do to learn how to defend myself should I need to. After progressing through the belts I found that Qi Kwan Do not only taught me self-defense; I was losing weight and started feeling a lot fitter and more self-confident. I also learnt how to pack in impressive right hook too!”

When Helen moved to the Netherlands she had already been instructing Qi Kwan Do for a few years. She couldn’t find a class in the Netherlands similar to what she was used to, both in practice and in the teaching environment.

Martial arts for men and women

“Many Martial Arts classes are very male-dominated, and some people, women especially, may be put off when attending a male-dominated class for the first time. I try to make all classes welcoming and teach a serious skill in a friendly environment. My students take what they are learning seriously but also have fun and enjoy the experience. This not only makes learning easier, but means that many stick with it and remain motivated, something which people often find difficult with exercise”.

Classes are every Tuesday from 19.00 – 20.00 at Hogendorp Sportcentrum, Van Hogendorpstraat 1051CE Amsterdam. (Transport: Bus 21 or 348, Tram 10 or 10 minutes by bike from Central Station.