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Secret cameras in women’s changing rooms at EU bank

The European Investment Bank has suspended an employee for allegedly installing secret cameras in the female changing rooms, sources close to the bank said Thursday.

Werner Hoyer, the president of the Luxembourg-based lender, announced the suspension of the bank worker and the opening of a police inquiry on Wednesday, the sources said.

Managers have notified around 150 woman who may have been affected, they said.

“The human resources department has given the details of a psychologist to those who are in a state of shock,” one employee told AFP on condition of anonymity.

The bank had initially launched disciplinary proceedings after the employee, a man in his 50s, was given a suspended three-year jail sentence in March in relation to pornographic material.

“The inquiry then found elements showing other potentially illegal activities by this individual on these premises,” the EIB said, adding that it involved “visual material.”

“The investigations took a lot of time because there was a lot of material to view,” a spokesman said, adding that the bank had brought in an external expert. “No one here at the bank has viewed the material.”

Luxembourg police have now opened a new inquiry, the prosecutor confirmed.

The EIB lends funds to projects linked to the European Union and has around 3,000 employees.