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The Festival of Wiltz: 25 June-31 July

In 1953, a handful of people from Wiltz had the extraordinary idea to create a festival in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. From theatre the progression to music was natural, and a public of connoisseurs and amateurs reponded with enthusiam to this initiative. Thus, the Festival of Wiltz has been able to present some of the biggest artists of our time, some for the first time ever in Luxembourg.

In 1991 a removable roof, which covers the main stage and offers refuge to a thousand spectators, was installed. So the problem of bad weather was solved and the public now enjoys extraordinary acoustic conditions.

Programme 2011    

25/06/2011     Rui Veloso en concert
26/06/2011     Hommage à J. Heinen
01/07/2011     Die Zauberflöte
02/07/2011     Die Zauberflöte
03/07/2011     Viva la Opera
06/07/2011     Jazz: E. Kontomanou
07/07/2011     Poésie et Musique
08/07/2011     Piaf
09/07/2011     SEL
10/07/2011     Syntagma
15/07/2011     Beatlemania
16/07/2011     Beatlemania
17/07/2011     Beatlemania
17/07/2011     Concert d’orgues
20/07/2011     Théâtre français
22/07/2011     Vereinigung Wiener Staatsopernballet: Ein Abend in Wien
23/07/2011     Vereinigung Wiener Staatsopernballet: Ein Abend in Wien
24/07/2011     Vereinigung Wiener Staatsopernballet: Ein Abend in Wien
24/07/2011     Gülsin Onay
27/07/2011     V. & R. Nosbaum
29/07/2011     My Fair Lady
30/07/2011     My Fair Lady
31/07/2011     My Fair Lady
This program is provisional and may be subject to changes.

Phone: (+352) 95 81 45 (reservations), (+352) 95 74 41(info)
Email to the Wiltz Festival
Website: www.festivalwiltz.lu

How to find us
Wiltz lies in the north of the country, about 60 km north of Luxembourg-city.

For information on purchasing advance tickets, discounts, parking and other practicalities, visit the website here.