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Robber doc

Published on 22/09/2011

This was hardly the handiwork of a criminal mastermind. On Wednesday morning, at a doctor's surgery on the Route de Luxembourg in Bettembourg, a wannbe thief managed to steal in behind the counter unnoticed. His quarry? A metal box for petty cash. Suddenly, the doctor appeared and caught the chap red-handed. A sticky situation, but the thief took evasive action and threw the cash box into the waiting room before fleeing out into the street. The fellow's identity is as yet unknown, but the police have put out a fairly comprehensive description from witness accounts: He is described as being about 1m80 in height, with white skin "of a North African type". He was wearing blue jeans and a cream coloured top. Now the description gets more arresting: he "may or may not have had a beard" stubble perhaps?, and is described as being "of stout build and with a fat belly." Anyone with any information should not be too patient to contact police on 113.

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