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News from an expat friend, Sendai, Japan

“House is okay.

“It’s all been very random, some houses like mine are 100 percent okay…others look like this.

“City gas will take a month. Gasoline, well, who knows? I keep hoping that stores will open and gas stations will be re-filled by the end of the week. Maybe I’m being too optimistic.”

“Food would be nice you know but I have just heard from a friend who tried to send, there is no postal service into the earthquake zone for quite some time.

“We lined up for two hours yesterday for bananas and eggs, banana never tasted so good! I was expecting food delivery–seikyo– the day of the quake so we had little food left but we are managing on rice now we have power and eggs. Gasoline they say will take one month? We are out of kerosene so pretty cold. But we are ALIVE so can’t complain…”

“On a lighter note; what boyz end up doing when computer blog/i-pod/cell phone are no longer possible:

“We did have four solid good family bonding candle-lit evenings round the table …”

“It’s raining today and I’m not going out in potentially ‘acid’ rain.

“(I have some info that it is under control; it’s my American friends that scare me so with American TV news…)

“We are staying in. Tomorrow I will get up early and join the jolly line for my five items. It’s really no biggie…nothing else to do: there is no work, school, job, everything came to a standstill for now.

“Now we are being told to refrain from overstocking supplies…what supplies? What overstocking? Somebody isn’t playing fair maybe…”

If you still don’t have information on your friends and family in the disaster zone, contact your local embassy or consulate or try using Google’s people finder.

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