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Mudam Luxembourg: Summer exhibitions 2011

27 April 2011 – 06 November 2011

The exhibition focuses on works in which different temporalities are combined, developing a paradoxical relation of time. One of the purposes is to simultaneously consider the key role that this notion has played in the work of a number of artists who started their career in the 60s, including Bruce Nauman, Dan Graham and Valie Export, and its presence in the practice of the younger generation, such as Manon de Boer, Laurent Montaron and Anri Sala.

18 June 2011 – 11 September 2011

British artist John Stezaker is fascinated by the lure of images. Taking classic movie stills, vintage postcards and book illustrations, Stezaker makes collages to give old images a new meaning. By adjusting, inverting and slicing separate pictures together to create unique new works of art, Stezaker explores the subversive force of found images. Stezaker’s famous Mask series fuses the profiles of glamorous sitters with caves, hamlets, or waterfalls, making for images of eerie beauty.

18 June 2011 – 11 September 2011

"How to write a story starting with two or three images, or a situation based on a minimal number of objects?" Mac Adams’ photographs and installations are marked by a carefully composed dramatic tension and are characterized by the economy of narrative means employed. The disturbing impression of only having access to snippets of stories is reinforced by the subjects depicted: news items, crime scenes, detective mysteries.

18 June 2011 – 11 September 2011

The works by artist Pascale Marthine Tayou place dominators and dominated, North and South, creator and viewer back to back. Tayou nonchalantly presents pieces that brutality translate the evils of the world. The artwork of this self-taught artist is an experience which needs to be lived rather than described. He is known for his assemblages, drawings, installations and texts, the raw material of which is provided by the detritus of society.

18 June 2011 – 18 September 2011

The cinematic staging and the editing of shots and sequences are borrowed from the cinematic arts by contemporary artists whose work questions the notions of temporality, reconstruction, the realistic character of documentary and the tyranny of credulity of the filmed image. The exhibition is highlighting the gap always existing between reality and fiction in an era dominated by the media and all sorts of images.

18 June 2011 – 18 September 2011

Like a detective using scientific methods, Melvin Moti patiently constructs visual plots by taking anecdotes as a starting point. Somewhere between real events, imagination and fiction, Moti’s reconstructions call on our memory, precisely to make up for the "black holes" which deliberately remain. The slowness, the denuded and indexical nature of images at the limits abstraction confers a snatched and hypnotic beauty on Moti’s films.

Mudam is the foremost museum dedicated to contemporary art in Luxembourg, and strives to be attentive to every discipline and open to the whole world. Its collection and programme reflect current artistic trends and appreciate the emergence of new artistic practices on a national and international scale.

Practical information

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Opening hours
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Entrance fee
Adults: 5 €
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Photo: Pascale Marthine Tayou : Plastic Tree B, 2010. Courtesy Galleria Continua, San Gimignano / Beijing / Le Moulin © photo : Oak Taylor-Smith