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Luxembourg Country Specialist Opportunity

Published on 02/08/2011

Aperian Global is a cross-cultural training and consulting firm. They will facilitate an intercultural workshop for a group of employees (and their spouses) with a financial service corporation who presently work in the company's US headquarters. All participants are being reassigned to various international posts for long-term work assignments.

This particular workshop is scheduled to occur in Secaucus, NJ on 10 August 2011. An Aperian Global senior consultant will work with the group of participants to discuss cultural framework applicable to international assignments. There will also be a panel of client speakers working with the group, to articulate the challenges and benefits of working abroad. The day, which begins at 9:00am, is designed to help expand the global mindset of the employees, and help them prepare for the intricacies of a new business culture as well as the social adjustment of transitioning away from home.

Most individuals undergoing this workshop work within tax and auditing. Their destination countries range from India, Luxembourg, China, Australia and more. From 2:30 – 4:50pm, the participants will break out into groups, based on destination country. At that point, they will be matched with a respective ‘Country Specialist’ to have a Q&A session, review destination-specific practical advice, and discuss business strategies that will help them be effective in their new work environment.

At this time, at least one individual in this group will be relocating to Luxembourg. We are looking for someone with relevant Luxembourg experience, from a native perspective, who may be interested and available to join the session from 2:30 – 5:00pm EDT to help facilitate the introduction to the participant’s new culture. Aperian Global would provide background details on the client, as well as culture-specific material, checklists, and case studies for the Country Specialist’s review.

If you are interested and available then, please forward your CV/Resume to [email protected] or contact Frances Lu at +1 617 502 8631. Aperian Global can offer compensation of USD 200 for the Country Specialist’s time. You can visit Aperian Global here.