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IKEA RECALL wonky wardrobe doors!

Here is the statement from IKEA:

Safety is a always a top priority at IKEA and we kindly ask customers who have an ELGÅ wardrobe with FENSTAD sliding mirror door from supplier #12650 article number 201-603-18 to immediately contact the Exchange & Returns department or Customer Services.

IKEA has received reports showing that the large mirror can detach and fall, creating sharp shards when it breaks. The mirror is heavy and combined with the risk of breaking it poses a hazard to users.

ELGÅ FENSTAD sliding mirror door is produced by three different suppliers. Only sliding mirror doors from supplier #12650 are affected.The supplier number is printed on the back of the door at its base on with a “Made in Sweden” logo.

Customers with an ELGÅ FENSTAD sliding mirror door from supplier #12650 are asked to contact IKEA Customer Service on 0800 66 222 for Luxembourg or 0800 15 003 Belgium. You will receive instructions on how to receive a replacement free of charge.

No other wardrobe sliding doors are affected. IKEA apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.
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